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Print Audit

Printware Print Audit Services

Learn about your print set-up. Number of machines, machine make, machine model, description of printer, number of pages printed (giving monthly print volumes) and print costs. Serial numbers, asset numbers and any other bespoke information about the devices that you would need.

From doing this we would normally expect to find the following areas of concern:

  • High Cost
  • Duplication
  • Waste
  • Management Information not thorough
  • Employee Abuse
  • Reliability
  • Performance
  • Hidden Costs

We can then suggest ways of eliminating all of these issues, as well as adding the following benefits:

  • Stopping the print job until the user has entered the required information
  • Advised or forced redirection of print jobs to lower cost printers
  • User and Department quotas for printing
  • Security that ensures management software cannot be overridden
  • Flexible and comprehensive reporting that enables the administrator to produce detailed analysis and management reports
  • Network installation that eliminates manual installation on each workstation
  • Detects whether the job is monochrome or colour, duplex or single sided, and charge appropriately
  • Cashier utility to enable both cross charging between accounts and to set credit limits by user and department
  • Budget reports to show what each user and/or department has remaining in credit
  • Control over which printers can be accessed by individual users
  • Comparison report with different printer configurations.

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