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Go Green With Your Printer

From the Printware Blog on 6th August 2014 in Environment, Consumer Advice

Staying eco-friendly can be difficult and it’s easy to get into bad habits, like leaving the computer on at night or only printing on one side of the paper.  However, just a few changes to your printing habits can help give your green credentials a boost. Choosing the right printer, for example, can impact your carbon emissions and reduce waste by as much as 90%.


The World in 1989

From the Printware Blog on 5th August 2014 in News

What where you doing 25 years ago? 1989 was a historic and turbulent year: it saw the fall of the Berlin Wall and the end of the Cold War, the protests in Tiananmen Square, and the last days of apartheid in South Africa. It was also the year that a small company called Printware embarked on a journey which would re-define the office printer market.


3 Ways That Your Printer Can Help Your Small Business

From the Printware Blog on 5th August 2014 in Consumer Advice

A successful business has many needs, from communication equipment to marketing material, not to mention a quality product or service. Computing equipment, with the associated accessories and software, can consume a big portion of a company’s budget. In addition, there are maintenance costs, wages, insurance and so on.


Printware Celebrates 25 Years

From the Printware Blog on 31st July 2014 in News

Printware celebrates its 25th Anniversary this year. In an era when 70% of businesses fail within ten years and the printer market has declined, Printware has thrived and grown. To be successful for so long and through such difficult times, it’s vital to keep sight of what’s important: commitment, value and working together. Far from resting on our laurels, we're embarking on a phase of rapid expansion. 


Fresh Fruit Could Soon be a 3D Printed Reality

From the Printware Blog on 21st July 2014 in 3D Printing

The printer is no longer a machine for simply applying ink to paper. From the humble beginnings of slow mono printers to the vibrancy and sophistication of modern colour devices, printing has been transformed. Now we are inundated by new printing technologies, the most notable being 3D printing.


The First 3D Printer Designed for Kids

From the Printware Blog on 18th July 2014 in 3D Printing

It seems obvious that 3D printers aren’t for children, although it may become normal to use them for making Christmas and birthday presents. However, a US company believes there is a gap in the market as it prepares to launch the Printeer, the first 3D printer designed specifically for children. Mission Street Manufacturing plans to ship the first units by October 2014.


Pocket Sized Printer Pushes Ahead

From the Printware Blog on 17th July 2014 in Fun Stuff

Israeli printing firm Zuta Labs has developed an intuitive, pocket-sized printing device. The pint-sized printer is controlled via Bluetooth from a tablet or smartphone and scrolls its way across a page unaided. Zuta Labs hopes that the PocketPrinter will usher in a new era of smaller and more efficient print devices. If so, it will signal a move away from bulkier conventional printers and printer cartridges.


The World's First 3D Printed Home

From the Printware Blog on 16th July 2014 in 3D Printing

3D printing has long since moved beyond lumpy-faced figurines and custom iPhone cases. They have been used to make made racing cars, prosthetic limbs and even human organs. Two years ago, we published an article about Behrokh Khoshnevis who was trying to create the world’s first 3D printed home. So far, he’s been unsuccessful but, now, a team from Amsterdam is aiming to do just that.


Humidity and What it will do to Your Printer

From the Printware Blog on 8th July 2014 in Consumer Advice

For the past few days we have enjoyed some glorious weather on our fair isle, and while the cynics will dismiss it as a temporary privilege, the majority hope it stays for the duration. However, while you should endeavour to make the most of sunny days, it can actually reduce the effectiveness of your printer.


New MD for Kyocera UK Operations

From the Printware Blog on 25th June 2014 in News

Here at Printware, in addition to providing advice and information on all the latest printing innovations, we like to keep a close eye on the people behind the brands, as this can have lasting effects on the industry at large and on any future technology or developments. One notable change came recently, when Kyocera Document Solutions UK Ltd appointed Hironao Katsukura as its Managing Director.


4 Common Printing Problems and Their Solutions

From the Printware Blog on 17th June 2014 in Consumer Advice

Printers have become a staple addition to offices and studies around the world and, as with all technology, there may be the occasional technical hitch. However, the majority of problems associated with printers can be easily remedied. Below are a few of the most common problems that can occur with printers and a few ways to solve them.


Sesame Streets Ahead When it Comes to 3D Printing

From the Printware Blog on 27th May 2014 in 3D Printing

In an article published on the BBC News website, it was outlined that everyone's favourite street, Sesame Street, would be making its way (surprisingly) into the world of 3D printing. MakerBot is making a downloadable Mr Snuffleupagus figurine available from their digital store, with more characters set to be introduced later. 


Samsung NFC Printers for Business Now Available

From the Printware Blog on 13th May 2014 in New Products, News

Last year, Samsung announced its range of NFC-ready consumer printers. Now, it's launched a range of business printers with on-board NFC capability. The new printers, announced at CeBIT 2014, will make mobile printing even easier and allow SMBs to benefit from a slick, professional print infrastructure.


Kyocera Asks What Teachers Think About Printing

From the Printware Blog on 7th May 2014 in Education

In The Future of Technology in the Classroom, we discussed how new technology is being used in schools and where this might lead. Increasing integration of traditional and digital teaching methods means that schools are turning to technology companies for solutions and advice. 


The Future of Technology in the Classroom

From the Printware Blog on 30th April 2014 in Education

What role does technology play in education and what role will it play in the future? It’s tempting to believe that every classroom is filled with iPads and interactive whiteboards but the reality is quite different for most pupils. However, there’s no doubt that technology is playing an increasingly important role in education.


Cutting the Cost of Printing in Schools

From the Printware Blog on 11th April 2014 in Education

Cutting costs and eliminating waste isn't just a challenge for the private sector. The ongoing climate of austerity and slow economic growth have forced schools to think and act more like businesses. This means tracking costs, managing budgets and delivering value – all in addition to the small matter of educating our children. The challenge is to deliver a print infrastructure that is cost effective, and flexible.


HP Delays 3D Printer Announcement Until October

From the Printware Blog on 27th March 2014 in 3D Printing, News

Did HP jump the gun when it announced that it would be releasing a 3D printer in June 2014? It would seem so. CEO Meg Whitman 'inadvertently' stated that there would be a big announcement about HP's entry to the 3D printer market in June. This announcement has now been pushed back to the end of HP’s fiscal year in October.


Pay with PayPal for Printware Purchases

From the Printware Blog on 26th March 2014 in News

We are delighted to announce that you can now pay for your Printware purchases online using PayPal. Our philosophy has always been to put our customers first and make it as easy as possible to do business with us. Using PayPal allows us to do exactly that, as anyone with an e-mail address can send online payments securely and quickly.


Join the Fight for Jack

From the Printware Blog on 21st March 2014 in Charity

On January 24th, the parents of four year old Jack Robinson heard the news that every parent dreads – Jack had an inoperable brain tumour and was given just a 5% chance of survival. Determined to give him the best possible quality of life in the time he has left, Jack’s family has been on a mission to fulfill as many of his wishes as they can. Read on to find out how to get involved and how you can help.


Why Leasing Your Printers Could be a Great Move

From the Printware Blog on 24th February 2014 in Managed Print

Imagine the scenario – your old MFP has finally given up the ghost and you need to replace it. Or, even worse, you have a fleet of MFPs that need replacing. That’s a lot of capital – where are you going to get hold of that kind of cash? And, if you do, what on earth are you going to do with all your old machines?


3D Printing to go Mainstream - Maybe

From the Printware Blog on 20th January 2014 in 3D Printing

Despite all the hype, 3D printing is still the preserve of specialist companies and committed enthusiasts with deep pockets. At least, for now. That could be about to change, though, as two consumer IT giants look to bring 3D printing to a wider audience. Will 3D printers ever be as widespread as laser printers are now? Maybe not but we seem to inching closer all the time.


Printware Goes Social

From the Printware Blog on 4th December 2013 in News

Printware has expanded its social media presence, adding Facebook and Google+ pages to complement its successful ventures on Twitter and LinkedIn.Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to contact Printware in whichever way is most convenient for you. We also want to ensure that you can access our unique, high quality content through whichever medium suits you best.


Evolution at Work

From the Printware Blog on 2nd December 2013 in News

With an increasingly unpredictable economy and a declining printer market, the ability to adapt and evolve is crucial. Even more important is the ability to co-operate and Printware’s success is built on helping you, our customers, to achieve your goals. If you want to build a business that’s light on its feet and flexible enough to move quickly when it needs to, let us help you – it’s what we do best.


10 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Printer

From the Printware Blog on 27th November 2013 in Consumer Advice

Have you ever bought a printer then ended up regretting it? Perhaps you realised straight away that it wasn't right for you and sent it back. Or maybe your printer seemed perfect at the time but wasn't up to the job when your needs changed. You can avoid these potential pitfalls by ensuring that you don't make one of these common mistakes...


The Truth About GelJets

From the Printware Blog on 16th October 2013 in Printing Technology

Back in February 2012, we published an article entitled "Ricoh GelJet Printers to Replace GelSprinter Range". Despite the fact that it is now over 18 months old, it continues to be one of our more popular blog articles, along with the excellent "Understanding Liquid Gel Technology". Although GelJets aren’t our biggest product line by any means, there are clearly plenty of you out there wanting to learn more about them, so we thought it was worth revisiting the subject.


Forget About Your Printers and Focus on Your Business

From the Printware Blog on 3rd October 2013 in Managed Print

What’s your number one business goal for the next year? To increase your market share? Launch a new product? Save a few quid on your next toner order? Bet it’s not the last one. I’ll also bet that you, or someone in your organisation, is spending far too much time on this thankless, unproductive task and others like it.


Introducing the 100ppm Brother Printer

From the Printware Blog on 12th September 2013 in Printing Technology

Could inkjets be the future of printing? Epson’s WorkForce Pro range is well established as a serious alternative to laser printers and HP’s Officejet Pro X recently became the world’s fastest desktop printer. Not to be outdone, Brother has launched the HL-S7000DN, a mono inkjet printer that will print at a staggering 100 pages per minute.


3D Printer to Help Bloodhound SSC Reach 1000mph

From the Printware Blog on 9th September 2013 in 3D Printing

What do you do when you need a nose cone for a supersonic car? Simple – you print one out and glue it on. When Bloodhound SSC attempts to smash the world land speed record in 2015, it will use a custom made titanium nose cone which has been built using a 3D printer to ensure that it's incredibly light and strong.


Your Printer Could be Putting Your Network at Risk

From the Printware Blog on 6th September 2013 in Security

Is your IT network secure? How sure are you? Chances are, if you have a network printer, and you haven’t taken steps to secure it, you’re vulnerable. You might not consider a printer to be a security risk but it can provide a potential access point to hackers. Fortunately, there are some simple steps you can take to remedy this.


3 More Concept Printers from Samsung

From the Printware Blog on 3rd September 2013 in News, Printing Technology

After cleaning up at the International Design Excellence Awards, Samsung is set to unveil three new concept printers at the IFA in Berlin. The consumer electronics show takes place between September 6th and 11th and will showcase the very latest in design and technology.

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