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Brother Announces Price Increase

From the Printware Blog on Monday 6th April 2009

As indicated in our recent article, Toner Prices Continue to Rise, Brother UK has announced price increases across its range of products in April. In a letter to all its resellers, including Printware, Brother's Sales and Marketing Director, Phil Jones explains the reasons behind the increases and puts them in the context of the current state of the pound.

Drop in Sterling Impacts Prices from April

You will acutely aware of the big decline in the value of sterling since December last year, post credit crisis. It has led to price increases across the board on all manners of everyday items at home and in the workplace.

In our April price lists you will see increases in many of the prices of our product, accessory and consumable lines. They will be big jumps by anyone's standards; however we need to make these adjustments as our cost of goods has increased.

No one wants to see price increases when customers are asking for price decreases with the economy as it is; however the currency situation needs addressing given that our products are now more expensive to buy from our factory due to the weakness of the pound.

In the event that you do need to provide some explanation to your customers, I wanted to make it clear that this action is entirely linked to the depreciation of sterling. All vendors, across all the key technologies, have this problem linked to currency weakness and you will no doubt have seen action from other manufacturers in reaction to this.

Wherever we can, we have reduced our margin to absorb the price increases; however, on the bulk of the lines we sell we have no choice other than to pass on the full impact which you will see reflected in the post April pricing.

Should you have any questions, please get in touch with your account manager via the normal route. Thank you for your continued support.

Phil Jones

Sales & Marketing Director

Brother UK Ltd.

by Anthony Morgan

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