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FingerPrint Lets You Use Apple AirPrint On Any Printer

From the Printware Blog on Wednesday 8th February 2012 in Software

AirPrint made its first appearance in iOS 4.2, promising much but, due to a limited number of compatible printers, not quite delivering. There are work-arounds but these are clumsy and tricky to implement and as a result, most users have used more traditional methods of transferring images from their Apple devices to their printers.

Finally, it looks like a solution has arrived and AirPrint can, at last, start to fulfil its true potential. Software company Collobos has developed an app called FingerPrint, which uses Bonjour technology to find printers on your wireless network and display them on your iDevice. Once FingerPrint has detected your devices, you can print files directly, open them on your PC or laptop or ‘print’ them to a Dropbox folder if you have one set up.

Just under $10 (around £6.30) may seem a little steep for an app but the reviews suggest that it’s well worth the cost, especially when rival app Printopia is selling for $19.95 (about £12.58). Reviews for Printopia have also been positive so, whichever app you choose, you can now get the most out of your wireless printer and Apple iDevice.

by Anthony Morgan

Posted in Software

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