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How to Set Up Google Cloud Print

From the Printware Blog on Thursday 16th February 2012 in Consumer Advice, Software

Before you can start printing via Google Cloud Print, there are a few things you will need to have in place. Firstly, you'll need an internet-connected printer; either a Cloud Print ready device, or a traditional device connected to the internet via a computer. The printer will need to be registered with Google Cloud Print and the procedure for this varies slightly between manufacturers. For instance, with Kodak and Epson, you need to connect to the manufacturer's website via the printer and follow the on-screen instructions to register. With HP ePrint, it's even simpler – you just need to register the device's ePrint e-mail address on registration page.

If you have a classic, non-Cloud printer you'll need Google Chrome installed on your PC or Mac. To get set up, just follow the simple instructions below:

  • Log into your Google user account (you'll need to set up an account if you don't already have one)
  • Open Chrome on your computer
  • Click the wrench icon on the Chrome toolbar and select 'Options' (Preferences on the Mac)
  • Click on the 'Under the Hood' tab
  • Scroll down to Google Cloud Print & click to sign in with your Google account
  • Click 'Finish printer registration'
  • Confirmation message will then appear – click Manage your printers to learn more

To print to your printer via Google Cloud Print, your printer needs to stay connected to the web, which means that classic (non-Cloud ready) printers should be connected to an active, internet-connected PC at all times. Once you're set up, it's easy and straightforward to print to your cloud printer from a variety of platforms and devices:

  • Google Chrome – Press Crtl P or access the Print menu (click on the wrench icon) and select 'Print with Google Cloud Print' from the print destination dropdown (this defaults to Cloud Print on Chromebook)
  • Android – Various apps allow you to print via Google Cloud Print including Google Docs, Cloud Print Beta, Printershare Mobile Print, Cloud Printer and Easy Print
  • iOS Device – The Print Central Pro app can print to several services including Google Cloud Print
  • Any mobile device – Mobile Google Apps can print any Docs file if you access Google Docs or Gmail through the phone's browser. Any web page which has a Print button with the Cloud Print log will allow you print to the cloud without the need to leave your browser. With Kodak e-mail print you can send e-mails and attachments from a connected enabled device to a Kodak printer
  • Mac or PC – The Cloud Printer app lets you print from any application on Mac through the print menu and, again, you can print via web from any website which has a Print button with Cloud Print logo

Google Cloud Print gives you true flexibility with your printing and overcomes many of the limitations of wireless and Bluetooth printing. Printing to the cloud is simple and Printware supplies a range of cloud-ready and ePrint devices which make it even simpler.

by Anthony Morgan

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