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Keep Running Costs Down With The New Samsung ML-3750ND

From the Printware Blog on Monday 20th February 2012 in New Products

The Samsung ML-3750ND has a lot to live up to, slotting as it does just above the ML-3710ND in the Samsung range. On paper, there doesn't seem to be much to choose between to two machines other than price. The ML-3750ND is slightly more expensive than the ML-3710ND but both machines are 35 page per minute mono devices with a built-in duplex and the same paper capacity, memory and connectivity options. The memory on the 3750ND is upgradeable to 512MB, as opposed to the 3710ND's maximum of 348MB but the processor speed is actually slower in the new machine.

So, why would you pay around £45 extra for a virtually identical machine with a slower processor, just to have the option of adding more memory? More to the point, why has Samsung even bothered when the 3710ND is tried and tested and has already scooped a hatful of awards? Simple – the ML-3750ND uses high capacity, 15,000 page toners, which means that its running costs are significantly lower than the 3710ND's. If you print 1,000 pages per month at 5% coverage over 3 years, the 3750ND will save you £86.40 (ex VAT) on your toner costs*, compared to the 3710ND. This rises to £334.80 at 20% coverage and the difference becomes more significant the more you print.

In conclusion, if you're printing higher volumes then the ML-3750ND is the machine for you. Depending on your usage, the money you save could more than pay for the printer itself.



*Calculations based on toner prices on Printware website at time of writing

by Anthony Morgan

Posted in New Products

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