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Ricoh Click Goes Live

From the Printware Blog on Monday 11th May 2009 in News, New Products, Managed Print

Ricoh's new Click service has now gone live, giving consumers the opportunity to benefit from straightforward pricing, transparent billing and a true pay-per-click service. Ricoh Click was first announced by Printware in April, in our article Ricoh Launches New Click Service. Click contracts can be set up on any new Ricoh printer in just a few minutes, there is no minimum charge and billing is in arrears. The pricing is based solely on the number of pages printed and includes the cost of the consumables, servicing and spare parts.

Contracts can be from six months to five years with four, six or eight hour response times available. The cost per page is irrespective of coverage so will benefit customers who print documents with more than 20% coverage which, in the real world, is most people.

Perhaps the most attractive feature of Ricoh Click is its simplicity; unlike HP’s SPS and Xerox’s PagePack, pricing is irrespective of monthly print volumes which makes it easy to understand. You simply choose a printer, the length of contract and service level required to determine the cost per copy. There is no need for usage profiles or page counts and no quarterly or monthly contract payments; if you don’t print anything, you don’t pay anything. Furthermore, as Ricoh publish their end user pricing, getting a quote should be quick and easy. It’s worth us pointing out that if you decide, for whatever reason, to buy your own toners then you will be charged by Ricoh for the number of pages printed if you are still under contract. Even if you haven’t used the printer for some time.

The process for setting up a new Ricoh Click contract has been designed be as quick and painless as possible. Once you have agreed the purchase of your Ricoh printer, your reseller will enter your details plus the printer(s) purchased and contract details, on to the online Ricoh Click portal. You will also be asked for your Direct Debit information and, once confirmed, the system will send you a registration e-mail. Once your new printer has been delivered, you can click the link in the e-mail to complete your registration and activate your contract. You will need to confirm the serial number of the printer and the address for the consumables to be delivered to before agreeing to the terms and conditions. Once you have completed and confirmed the required information you will be sent an e-mail confirming that the contract is now active.

Once your contract is active, you can either phone Ricoh direct or use the online portal to order consumables, submit meter readings and log service calls, helping keep paperwork to a minimum and streamlining the ordering process. The portal also allows you to get troubleshooting advice and view all products that you currently have on a Ricoh Click contract.

Servicing is provided by a nationwide fleet of 1000 Ricoh field engineers who specialise only in Ricoh products, with service levels available to suit a range of business requirements.

Ricoh Click should make it easier and cheaper for customers to manage costs and save time, if it works as well as Ricoh claim,which there is no reason to doubt. Perhaps the only drawback is the six month cancellation period, which seems a little onerous and may put some users off. Other than this, it looks like the perfect recipe for a service and consumables contract, and we will be watching closely to see whether this turns out to be the case.

For more information and a pricing matrix, please visit our Ricoh Click page.

by Anthony Morgan

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