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New Print Managed Service from Epson

From the Printware Blog on Friday 15th May 2009 in News, New Products, Managed Print

Epson have launched their Managed Print Service, aimed at medium to large organisations who wish to improve the efficiency of their printer fleet and reduce printing costs. Managed Print Service is a bespoke solution with pricing tailored to match the business needs and includes a click charge service so that customers only pay for what they print. Unlike Ricoh Click, pricing is based, not just on the number of clicks, but also on the coverage of the printed documents. Although pricing is bespoke, this would seem to be of more benefit to organisations printing lower coverage documents.

Epson will assess the potential savings related to hardware, service, supplies and print related process and recommend a solution which balances cost with service and performance requirements. Print Managed Service appears to combine the features of Xerox PagePack and HP SPS and is particularly suited to organisations that need to update their printer fleet and simplify their ordering processes. Tailored proposals can include options to lease or purchase hardware, monthly or quarterly billing, automatic supplies delivery and management reporting.

The service is available on all new Epson laser printers and the B500DN business inkjet and is targeted at businesses with 30 or more printers, printing at least 1000 copies per month. Print Managed Services should save users both time and money as printing is on a pay per click basis and the procurement and invoicing processes are greatly simplified. Toner orders are generated automatically as the printers’ on-board software will e-mail Epson direct when toner is running low. Billing can be quarterly or monthly with periodic adjustments, for instance, if the coverage levels fluctuate. Printer down time is minimised as Epson provide on-site servicing for the duration of the contract. By leasing the hardware over the period of the contract instead of purchasing outright, businesses can spread the hardware costs and minimise capital expenditure.

Contracts are available for three or five years, with a minimum commitment of three years. There is no option to cancel the contract during the term but it is possible to add new printers to an existing contract. With more and more businesses paying closer attention to managing their costs, particularly for print, Epson’s expansion into the managed print services market is timely and, no doubt, welcome news to many customers. Epson have already reported successful implementation within the retail industry and we await further feedback, positive or otherwise.

by Anthony Morgan

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