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Xerox Announces First High Speed Solid Ink Multifunction Printer

From the Printware Blog on Tuesday 19th May 2009 in New Products

Xerox has announced the world's first high speed multifunction solid ink printer for the office, the ColorQube 9200 series. The ColorQube features revolutionary print head technology which increases ink flow by 400% via microscopic nozzles, half the width of a human hair.

Molten ink flows through a complex network of channels to the nozzles which are packed 880 per liner inch, twice as many as previous print heads. With four print heads per printer, with more than 3500 nozzles each, the ColorQube is capable, Xerox claim, of printing at 85 pages per minute. Xerox also claim that the new technology will reduce colour printing costs by up to 62% without compromising quality.

The ColorQube 9200 series will be offered with the new Hybrid Colour pricing plan, which charges customers based on coverage as well as the number of prints. Documents printed in full colour with moderate coverage are expected to cost half as much as a full colour laser page, while high coverage documents should still compare favourably.

There will be three models in the series, with print speeds ranging from 38ppm to 85 ppm. All three models meet the new ENERGY STAR requirements and come with a range of powerful features. The 9200 series is capable of printing up to 55,000 prints before being refilled and can be refilled while the machine is printing. True Adobe Postscript 3 also comes as standard, along with PANTONE spot-colour matching and colour correction options. There are three finishing options to choose from, including booklet makers and folders for creating booklets and pamphlets.

Security is an important consideration in the 9200 series with advanced features to track usage, control access and protect confidential information. Data transmitted over the network is encrypted to keep scanned documents from unauthorised viewers. Xerox's Extensible Interface Platform can be used to create customized workflow applications; for instance Secure Access Unified IDTM displays personal preferences on a touch screen with the swipe of an ID badge.

The ColorQube, in common with other solid ink printers, is more environmentally friendly than comparable laser machines, requiring 9% less energy and creating 10% less greenhouse gases.

The ColorQube has been tested in real customer environments for ease of use, quality and running costs with Tesco one of the first companies to try it out. If Tesco's feedback on the new machine is anything to go by, the ColorQube should be a hit when it’s released in September. Once we get our hands on one and have a play, we’ll let you know.

by Anthony Morgan

Posted in New Products

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