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Kyocera Develops Fastest Ever Printhead

From the Printware Blog on Wednesday 15th August 2012 in Printing Technology

Kyocera has developed an inkjet printhead capable of printing two colours simultaneously at a resolution of 300dpi. The new system allows for smaller, simpler equipment design and is has achieved the world's fastest print speed for a printhead of this type.

Home inkjet printers will print at a maximum speed of around 4.7 metres per minute, a figure which drops dramatically when printing in colour or at a higher resolution. In contrast, the new printhead developed by Kyocera will print at 152 metres per minute in 300dpi resolution – that's 32 times faster than a consumer inkjet.

The new printhead's nozzle configuration prevents colours from mixing when they make contact with the print medium, removing one of the biggest potential problems of printing two colours from the same printhead. This system means that fewer printheads are needed compared with a traditional one-colour system which, in turn, allows printing equipment to be smaller, simpler and cheaper.

Kyocera expects that its new printhead will prove ideal for digital on-demand printing in which speed and cost are particularly important. With shorter print runs, fast turnaround times and tight margins, the on-demand print companies will undoubtedly snap up the new printhead if it meets expectations once it's released.


by Anthony Morgan

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