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Canon Launches its Autumn Collection

From the Printware Blog on Friday 5th October 2012 in New Products

It's October, the leaves are turning brown, the days are getting shorter and there are more new printers than a squirrel has nuts. In a market which has caused Lexmark and Kodak to cash in their chips, Canon still seems to be going strong and has launched five new inkjet printers.

The release of a new Canon inkjet printer is usually greeted with a certain amount of expectation and, true to form, various photography-related websites are already excited about the latest batch. Canon PIXMAs have built a solid reputation over the years and past experience tells us that the mid-range MFPs, in particular, don't stay on the shelves for long. So, what treats has Canon got in store for us this time?

Starting with the cheapest, we have the PIXMA iP7250 at just over £60. The iP7250 is a basic A4 single-function printer with a 5-ink system and a built-in duplex. Two black ink cartridges ensure smooth and easy switching between standard and photo printing, saving you the hassle of changing the cartridges manually. Even the cheapest PIXMAs come with WiFi as standard and the ip7250 is no exception, with the added bonus that it supports AirPrint so you can print directly from your iOS device.

Next we have the PIXMA MG5450 and MG6350 multifunction printers with print, copy and scan. Spec-wise, the two machines are pretty similar with a 7.5cm touch screen and a range of connectivity options which includes AirPrint, Google Cloud Print and PictBridge. The main difference between the two devices is that the MG5450 uses five inks and the MG6350 uses six, including a grey ink for better shading and tonal gradation in mono prints. Given the £35 price difference, the MG5450 will no doubt prove the more popular of the two, with the MG6350 appealing to those who are a little more serious about their photography.

Talking of photography, the last two machines are squarely aimed at professional and serious amateur photographers. Canon's 12-ink PIXMA PRO-1 already caters for photographers looking to sell and display their work and its five black and grey inks ensure the very best monochrome reproduction. Coming down the range, the PIXMA PRO-10 uses a ten pigment ink system with three black and grey inks. Still capable of producing stunning results, the PRO-10 should appeal to professional photographers working from home or from a small studio.

Finally, we have the baby of the PIXMA PRO range, the PIXMA PRO-100, which uses an 8-ink dye-based system and should suit the needs of the serious amateur photographer. With the ability to print onto a range of media, from t-shirt transfers to fine art paper, the PRO-100 can include versatility amongst its many selling points. Underlining their status as serious amateur or semi-pro machines, the PRO-10 and PR0-100 both offer WiFi connectivity and AirPrint support – features likely to appeal to home users and not found in the more heavy-duty PRO-1.

So, take your mind off the rain and the dark evenings and inject a bit of colour into your life by bagging yourself one of the new PIXMAs before they're all gone. Since you're reading this, you're obviously internet-savyy so feel free to place an order online but, if you’d prefer to speak to a real, live actual person, give us a call on 02392 623300.


by Anthony Morgan

Posted in New Products

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