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Saving the World with Xerox Solid Ink

From the Printware Blog on Monday 11th February 2013 in Printing Technology, Environment

Solid ink technology has been around for a long time, with the first solid ink printer going on sale in 1991. If you’ve only ever owned a laser printer you’re missing an opportunity to drastically reduce your printing costs and your carbon emissions.

What is solid ink?

Solid ink is made from a resin-based polymer similar to crayons. Because they’re solid, the ink sticks are safe to handle and cannot spill, leak or smudge. The ink sticks are specially shaped and drop directly into slots in the printer, so they’re incredibly quick and easy to load.

The wax-like material is melted during the printing process and applied to a drum before it’s transferred to the paper. This results in bright vibrant colours with glossy finish on any type of paper.

The advantages of solid ink

There are many advantages to switching from laser to solid ink – for example, solid ink printers have fewer moving parts, which makes them more durable than laser printers. Solid ink printers also use fewer consumables and have a simpler paper path than laser printers, making them more reliable and easier to maintain.

However, the biggest reasons for switching to solid ink are the savings to your pocket and the environment. Solid ink generates up to 90% less waste than laser printers as there are no cartridges to dispose of and less packaging. Their smaller size also means they’re easier to store – a pack of solid ink sticks will fit comfortably in your desk drawer.

With fewer consumables to replace and less maintenance required, solid ink printers are cheaper to run if you’re printing large volumes. In fact, you can save up to 70% on your printing costs if you print a lot of colour pages.

The printers

The Xerox Phaser 8560 was one of Printware’s top selling printers and its replacement, the ColorQube 8570, is continuing that trend. The 8570 is a 40 page per minute device which features true Adobe PostScript 3 a 512MB memory and Gigabit networking. With a solid reputation for performance and reliability, the ColorQube 8570 forms the backbone of some of our largest customers’ printer fleets.

For seriously high volume users, the ColorQube 8870DN offers unbeatable running costs, with a cost per page which rivals a mono printer.

Find out more

Replacing 1 million laser printers with 1 million ColorQubes would eliminate a pile of waste large enough to stretch around the world and save enough electricity to power San Francisco for a year. The reduction in carbon emissions would equate to 450,000 cars being taken off the road.

If you’re thinking about making the switch, why not take a look at out unbeatable deals on the ColorQube 8570 range or give our expert team a call on 023 9262 3300.


by Anthony Morgan

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