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Print Smarter and Train Smarter

From the Printware Blog on Monday 25th February 2013 in Consumer Advice, News, Managed Print


With the recession marching inexorably on, it’s becoming more and more important for businesses to manage resources effectively and keep costs down. As budgets are slashed, there’s a temptation to cut back on training to save money. How has the training sector fared? What challenges lay ahead? And where does printing come in?

How the recession has affected training

Predictions of a recession–related crash have proved unfounded as the training industry has remained relatively unscathed. However, there has been a gradual decline in training expenditure over the last decade, with a 5% reduction in real terms since 2007.

Although most companies recognise that there is a “training floor” or minimum training standard, many have looked for ways to deliver this on a smaller budget. Training in-house and on-the-job can save money and companies are increasingly looking to renegotiate existing contracts to make further savings.

“Work smarter and train smarter” is the message as businesses take advantage of e-learning and remote learning to provide flexible, high quality training at a lower cost. There is a growing recognition of the need for workers to be multi-skilled and most organisations have had to be adaptable in their approach to training.

As the customer base modifies its strategy to deliver the same standard of training on a restricted budget, so training companies must do likewise. Remaining flexible and keeping control of business costs will be the key to moving forward and thriving in this changing market.

Delivering Flexible Solutions

Remaining agile and flexible so you can adapt quickly to customers’ needs means working with suppliers who can do the same. This is at the core of the Printware philosophy and, working together closely, we’ll develop a solution that fits your needs exactly.

This is precisely what happened when we were approached by a successful, nationwide training company. Although they were in a strong position to weather the storm of recession, they recognised the need to streamline processes, reduce admin and manage costs if they were to stay ahead of the game.

Printware conducted a full audit of the customer’s print infrastructure and replaced the aging printer fleet with brand new, fully serviced devices. By creating a single point of contact for all servicing and supplies, Printware greatly simplified the admin process, saving the customer both time and money.

With all devices fully supported by trained engineers, the customer has the reassurance of knowing that business-critical machines will experience virtually no down time. A simple, transparent cost structure means that the customer always knows what budget is available and can respond quickly to new technology, or opportunities in the market place.

Don’t wait

The economy is changing and the training sector is changing with it. There will always be a need for training but methods of delivery are evolving and training companies have to work harder to win business. With the rise of in-house training and e-learning, training companies will have to be flexible and adaptable to stay ahead. You need a print supplier that can adapt with you, so give us a call on 023 9262 3300 and see how Printware can help you prepare for the challenges ahead.

by Anthony Morgan

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