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Xerox A3 Laser Printers

From the Printware Blog on Wednesday 13th March 2013 in Consumer Advice

Xerox is rightly famous for its superb A4 solid ink range but there also some fine A3 laser devices in the line-up. A couple of years back, an A3 colour laser printer for under £1000 would have been big news; now you can get one for under £750 ex VAT. That’s less than you’d pay for many decent, mid-range A4 printers.

The Xerox Phaser 7100N and 7100DN also come with £200 cashback, which represents extremely good value for money. So, less than £550 ex VAT for an A3 colour laser printer; what’s the catch?

In short, there isn’t one. Sure, the 7100 isn’t suited to printing large volumes or professional quality, high-end graphics but, for this kind of money, you wouldn’t expect it to be. However, if you’re a small to medium-sized office that needs an inexpensive A3 printer that’s also cheap to run, the Phaser 7100 is perfect.

Inexpensive usually means “not very good”, but the Phaser 7100 is more than capable of handling your everyday printing needs. With a colour print speed of 30 pages per minute, the 7100 is no slouch and, with 1200x1200 dpi resolution and true Adobe PostScript, your business documents will be crisp, clear and professional.

If you need a bit of extra speed and you’re printing higher volumes, the Phaser 7500 is the printer you need, with built-in Gigabit networking and a 1GHz processor. Print speed is 35 pages per minute and maximum duty cycle is nearly double that of the Phaser 7100, at 15,000 pages per month.

Large workgroups and high-volume users requiring professional colour management will need a far more sophisticated machine and this comes in the form of the Phaser 7800. An embedded web server and help videos, a large colour touch screen and PhaserMatch 5.0 colour calibration software are just a few of the advanced features that make the Phaser 7800 the printer of choice for advertising agencies and marketing firms.

Whatever your colour A3 printing needs, one of these devices should fit the bill. The Phaser 7100, in particular, represents excellent value whilst delivering exceptional colour quality, detailed mono images and sharp text.

You might think we’re bound to say that but, if you’re not convinced, nip over to the PC Pro website and read their review of the Phaser 7100N. Once you’ve finished reading the review, be sure to come back to us and check out the Xerox Phaser 7100 product page. If there’s anything you’re still unsure about, drop us an e-mail at sales@printware.co.uk or call us on 023 9262 3300.


by Anthony Morgan

Posted in Consumer Advice

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