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OKI MC700 Series Means Business

From the Printware Blog on Friday 17th May 2013 in New Products

OKI, the maker of Printware’s favourite MFP, has just released a new range of A4 colour MFPs; the MC700 series. The MC700 series are a significant step up from the MC562, boasting a range of enterprise-level features for the serious business user.

If you want to spend £1200 plus to print your college essays or fliers for your home business, we’re not going to stop you but, to be honest the OKI MC700 series isn’t for you (if you want to find a printer that is for you, check out our Printer Search Tool). However, if you’re a busy organisation or department with, say, 10 to 30 employees and a requirement for advanced document management, you’re in the right place.

Let’s start, as is traditional, at the bottom - the bottom, in this case, being the MC760dn and MC760dnfax (bet you can’t guess the difference between them). The MC760 is a 28 page per minute colour MFP with 2GB of RAM and a 160GB hard drive. As you’d expect, it also features PostScript 3 emulation, Gigabit networking and a duplex ADF.

In terms of price and spec, it’s comparable to (by comparable we mean “considerably cheaper than”) the impressive HP LaserJet Enterprise M575dn. Its slightly slower print speed and smaller hard drive are made up for by the larger paper tray and touch screen. The fax version will cost you around £200 extra (still less than the fax-less HP M575dn) and both variants come with a built-in convenience stapler, which is incredibly convenient if you want to use it to staple things.

There’s very little to say about the MC770dnfax, so we won’t; it’s the same as the MC760dnfax, except that it’s a bit faster and it takes high yield cartridges. All of which brings us on to the MC780dnfax, which is, believe it or not, faster still at 40 pages per minute. It also features an internal finisher, in addition to the convenience stapler, which makes it ideal for producing marketing and sales materials in-house.

All three models can be expanded to maximum paper capacity of 3,160 sheets and can be upgraded to wireless connectivity. Security is often an issue, particularly in larger organisations so the MC700 series all feature a range of upgrade options to beef up the already-impressive on-board security.

Impressed? Probably not yet – feel free to check out the product pages but, to be honest, a few paragraphs and a load of dry specs aren’t going to tell you what you really need to know about these printers. If you want to learn how the MC700 series can actually make a difference to your business, call one of our experts on 02392 623300. And if it turns out that the MC700s aren’t right for you after all, don’t worry - with a huge range of printer hardware and solutions to choose from, we'll definitely have one that does what you want.


by Anthony Morgan

Posted in New Products

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