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A Quick Guide to Cloud Printing

From the Printware Blog on Friday 21st June 2013 in Consumer Advice

You may have noticed an increasing number of printers on the Printware website described as Google Cloud Print ready but what does that actually mean? We looked at cloud printing back in 2011 but here’s a little refresher.

“Cloud” refers to web-based software and applications, which are accessed via the net with no need to download any software to your device. Cloud computing services have really taken off in the last couple of years and many of the everyday services that we all use are cloud-based.

These include Hotmail, Facebook, Google Docs and You Tube – all the software and data is stored on the company’s servers and you simply access the service via the internet. None of the information sits on your device and you don’t need to download any software to access the service.

The principle behind Google Cloud Print is exactly the same – you can connect a printer to the cloud and print to it without downloading any drivers or software. Almost any printer can be used as a cloud printer but a cloud ready device will automatically connect itself to the cloud server upon installation. Once the connection is established, the device will stay connected to the cloud and any drivers or firmware will be updated automatically.

Unlike wireless printing, cloud printing allows you to print from any web-connected device, regardless of location. Printing is usually as simple as selecting Cloud Print from print settings or drop-down menu and hitting “print”. When you print to a cloud printer, your document is sent via a secure https connection. Once printed, the document is then deleted from the cloud server.

Sharing printers is easy using Google Cloud Print, making it convenient for visitors to your home or business premises to access your printer without having to access your IT network. Managing printers or print jobs via the cloud is also easy; you can track print jobs or modify sharing rights at any time with just a few clicks.

Google Cloud Print can also be used to support a business print infrastructure – instead of a traditional IT network, it’s possible to use Cloud Print to share printers across your business and, for example, print to whichever device is most convenient

Using Cloud Print in this way lessens the burden on your network as all software and drivers are stored on the Google servers. As the printers stay permanently connected to the cloud, it also eliminates the need for software updates, saving time and money whilst ensuring that network security is always maintained.

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by Anthony Morgan

Posted in Consumer Advice

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