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The Rise of BYOD

From the Printware Blog on Monday 1st July 2013 in Printing Technology

BYOD is set to transform the way we do business and revolutionise workplace practices. If you’re not already familiar with BYOD, the chances are that you soon will be. It stands for Bring Your Own Device and refers to the growing practice of employees using personal computing devices at work.

Globally, 60% of companies report that most employees use their own devices at work. This is according to market research carried out by Avanade and is part of an overall shift towards more flexible working practices. BYOD was almost unheard of before 2009 but is fast becoming the norm for the majority of businesses.

54% of companies report the majority of employees using smartphones at work, whilst the figure is 33% for tablets. Far from being a trend or fad, BYOD is here to stay and is yielding tangible benefits for companies that offer it.

For example, companies offering BYOD are 54% more likely to see increased profits and 73% more likely to report improved sales and new customer acquisition. Enhanced processes and flexible practices lead to more productive employees and a more positive customer experience. With the potential for increased profits, the challenge for businesses is to adapt to the changes and ensure that their technology is up to date.

To keep up with the changes, your print infrastructure needs to support BYOD, which means that you need to embrace wireless or cloud printing (assuming that you haven’t already). For a detailed explanation of the difference, see our articles about Wireless Printing and Cloud Printing.

Cloud printing has some advantages over WiFi printing :

  •  The devices don’t need to be in the same location; as long as they’re both connected to the web, you can print from anywhere.
  • As long as the printer stays connected to the web, it’s drivers and firmware will be updated automatically, so no time-consuming software installations
  • Any printer can be set up as a cloud printer – many printers are cloud ready out of the box but any printer capable of connecting to the web can be a cloud printer.
  • Cloud printers are potentially more secure as guests can access the printers without needing to access your IT network.

Whether you decide to use WiFi, cloud printing or a combination of both, enabling BYOD in your business will bring huge benefits. Efficiency, customer communications and profitability will all be enhanced, putting you in great shape to meet the future head on.

Check out our range of cloud and wireless printers or, if you need more information on how to optimise your print infrastructure for BYOD, give our team a call on 023 9262 3300.


by Anthony Morgan

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