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New Samsung Printers Take Wireless Printing to the Next Level

From the Printware Blog on Friday 5th July 2013 in New Products, News

Wireless printing just got a lot easier. Samsung has taken simplicity and ease of use to another level with three new devices which are due for imminent release. Pretty soon, you’ll be able to print a huge variety of content simply by tapping your phone against the printer.

Samsung is on a mission to dominate the consumer electronics market and key to that domination is integration. Samsung products communicate with each other to maximise the potential of each device and to make the user experience as seamless as possible. The latest evolution of this philosophy comes in the form of three new NFC-enabled printers; the Xpress C410W, C460W and C460FW.

NFC stands for Near Field Communication and enables direct printing from a smartphone or tablet, with no prior setup and with no need for a wireless network. NFC technology is built in to the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note smartphones and Galaxy Tab tablets. Chances are, like many of us here at Printware, you already have one of these devices but you’ve never used the NFC function.

You’ve probably wondered what NFC was even for but, if Samsung has its way, it will soon be in common use. Using NFC, you can effortlessly and securely print a variety of content simply by tapping your smartphone on the printer. You can also scan and fax documents easily as the system allows you to sync your smartphone contacts with the printer.

If you have the Samsung Mobile Print app, you’ll be able to print photos, pdf files, spreadsheets and even PowerPoint presentations directly from your phone. However, if your phone isn’t NCF-enabled or you don’t have the Samsung Mobile Print, you can still connect to it via Google Cloud Print, which allows you to print from any web-connected mobile device.

The Xpress C410 and C460 series are aimed at small office and home users, who will appreciate the ability to print directly from a smartphone or tablet. NFC technology will, however, find its way into enterprise devices as it offers the facility to print various types of content securely – the printers can verify users by a single tap to ensure that they are authorised to use the printer.

The printers themselves are more or less entry-level devices, with print speeds of 18 pages per minute in mono and 4ppm in colour. The C410W is a single function printer, the C460W a 3-in-1 MFP and the C460FW a 4-in-1 MFP with fax.

Already on sale in South Korea, the C410 and C460 series are scheduled for a July launch in the U.S. and Europe. Right now, the number of printers and mobile devices that can take advantage of NFC technology is still small but the same was once true of AirPrint and Google Cloud Print, so expect to see a lot more of this technology in the near future.

by Anthony Morgan

Posted in New Products, News

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