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Get Your Business Ready for BYOD

From the Printware Blog on Friday 26th July 2013 in Printing Technology

BYOD* is here to stay. According to research commissioned by Good Technology, 76% of enterprise businesses support BYOD and only 5% have no plans to introduce it in the future.

The shift towards BYOD is leading to more flexible working patterns, which in turn leads to greater productivity and job satisfaction. Research by Avanade has shown that businesses enabling consumer technologies in the workplace are seeing more tangible benefits too.

The Benefits of BYOD

 Avanade’s survey showed that companies which invested in supporting BYOD early in 2012 were seeing the results just a year later. Many of these companies reported increased sales and higher profits, as well as greater agility and improved job satisfaction.

To fully enable, and benefit from, BYOD your entire IT infrastructure needs to adapt and this includes your print setup. This means you’ll need a system that supports printing from mobile devices, specifically tablets and smartphones.

There are several ways to go about this and your ideal solution will depend on the level of functionality and usability you require, as well as the range of devices you’re prepared to allow. 

Wireless Printing

For instance, if you insist upon Apple devices, there is a large and growing range of printers that support AirPrint. Similarly, if you and your employees prefer Samsung, their new NFC-enabled printers allow secure and direct printing from Galaxy tablets and smartphones with no prior setup and no need for a wireless network.

Opting for an iOS- or Android-only environment will simplify workflows and ensure a consistent user experience but restricting the devices your employees can use may not be practical or desirable.

A standard wireless setup enables access from a range of devices but requires users to download a mobile printing app. Given the variety of third party apps available, it would be wise to place restrictions on which ones can be used. Use of multiple software solutions can result in inconsistent processes and an app from an untrustworthy source can pose a security risk to your IT network.

Cloud Printing

A cloud based solution such as Google Cloud Print enables you to print remotely from virtually any device, as long as both it and the printer are connected to the web. Cloud Print is supported by a wide range of apps and browsers in Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android, making it ideal for businesses wishing to implement a flexible BYOD policy.

Although an increasing number of printers are cloud ready out of the box, any printer that can connect to the web can be set up as a cloud printer. This means that you may be able to set up Google Cloud Print with your existing hardware. Cloud print is simple to set up, easy to use and secure, with documents transferred over a secure https connection and deleted as soon as the print job is complete.

Join the Revolution

Companies embracing BYOD have already seen the benefits of enhanced productivity, increased sales and greater profits. If you’re ready to join them, give our expert team a call on 023 9262 3300 and let us help you find a solution which will work for you.


*Bring Your Own Device



by Anthony Morgan

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