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3 More Concept Printers from Samsung

From the Printware Blog on Tuesday 3rd September 2013 in News, Printing Technology

After cleaning up at the International Design Excellence Awards, Samsung is set to unveil three new concept printers at the IFA in Berlin. The consumer electronics show takes place between September 6th and 11th and will showcase the very latest in design and technology. 

This is an exciting time for printer design, with several new concepts hitting the headlines in recent weeks. Samsung has been at the forefront of this mini-renaissance and the new designs are functional as well as aesthetic.

One of Samsung’s aims with the new printers is to make it easier to print direct from a mobile device without a wireless network. This is something we’ve already seen with the NFC-enabled printers but Samsung’s taken a slightly different approach with two of its new devices.

Indie & Wave

Both the Wave and the Indie feature a smartphone docking port so you can print photos and documents directly from your phone. The Wave breaks new ground in printer design with its distinctive oval shape, reminiscent of a cycling velodrome (or possibly a Pringle). The Indie has a more conventional shape but transforms into a sound system when a phone is docked, playing music from its built-in speaker.

Spot Colour?

Lastly comes the One & One, a mono printer with space for two cartridges, rather than the usual one. The idea of this is that you can choose a yellow, magenta or cyan cartridge to go with the black. Why? So you can add a splash of colour to your mono documents, giving them extra impact without the higher cost of printing in full colour.

Readers over a certain age may be familiar with the concept of spot colour in newspaper and magazine advertising. We’re not sure how much demand there’ll be for spot colour but there’s no denying that the One & One looks great, especially with the cover open.

What Next?

You have to applaud Samsung’s efforts to make printers more interesting and their willingness to try out new ideas but there’s no word on when, or if, these printers will ever make it to market. The Wave definitely has potential as a commercial product, the One & One we’re not so sure about and the Indie is a little baffling.

There’s no doubt that the Indie is a fascinating concept but is there a market for a printer which also plays music? It seems unlikely but predicting the future is a tricky business – it doesn’t seem that long since people were wondering why you’d need a phone with a camera built-in (Anyone remember the Nokia 7650?).


by Anthony Morgan

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