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Forget About Your Printers and Focus on Your Business

From the Printware Blog on Thursday 3rd October 2013 in Managed Print

What do you want to do?

What’s your number one business goal for the next year? To increase your market share? Launch a new product? Save a few quid on your next toner order? Bet it’s not the last one. I’ll also bet that you, or someone in your organisation, is spending far too much time on this thankless, unproductive task and others like it.

You suspect that you’re spending too much on your printers, although you’d be hard pushed to put a number on it. There’s no clear, defined process for buying supplies or hardware or for dealing with breakdowns. Frankly, the whole thing’s a bit of a mess and it’s costing you time and money. You know there must be a better way to do things but something’s stopping you sorting it out. What is it?

Are you missing out?

You might think that overhauling your print processes will be difficult and time-consuming but it needn’t be. Our job is to take away the little worries like the price of toner or how to clear a paper jam so you can focus on the big issues like winning more customers.

If you want to buy toner from us on an ad hoc basis, that’s fine - we’re not going to turn your business away. You’ll get a great value and a fantastic service but if that’s all you use us for, you could be missing out.

Forget about your printers

How do you know if you’re missing out? Do you know exactly how much you spend on print? Are your processes as efficient as they could be? No? Then you’re missing out.

You owe it to yourself, your business and your customers to build a print infrastructure that works for you, rather than dragging along behind you.

Be like Bruce Lee, who learned the moves so he could forget them – invest a little time up front and get your print infrastructure properly optimised so you can forget it’s there. Or you could just spend half your life ringing suppliers and playing hunt the warranty card.

Getting to know you

We’ll take the time to get to know you, to really understand your business and what you’re trying to achieve so we can find the best way to help you. If your needs are simple, we can do it over the phone and if you have a larger fleet we’ll do a full on-site audit to uncover exactly which areas can be improved.

What do we mean by all this? How are we going to help and what are we going to improve? We’re not just talking about selling you a printer and some toners - you can buy those on our website and there’s enough information on there for you to make an informed choice.

What we’re talking about is a solution. Are we helping you if we sell you a grey box and some ink slightly cheaper than our competitors? No. We’re going to help you by streamlining your processes, giving you control of your print budget and delivering a print solution that works the way it’s supposed to. Most importantly, we’ll get you up and running again quickly if anything goes wrong.

Finding the right solution

How will we do all this? Simple – we’ll provide you with a managed print service tailored to your needs. With access to schemes from all the manufacturers and our own bespoke packages, we can put together the right combination of hardware, software, supplies and service for you.

Because we’ve invested the time up front to get to know you, we can recommend a solution based on your print volumes, page coverage, functionality and billing requirements. We’ll talk to you about whether leasing or outright purchase is the way to go with your hardware, the service level and response times you need for your business critical devices and what kind of budget you’re working to.

Look to the future now

The result is that you’ll get printers that do what you want them to, work when they’re supposed to and get fixed quickly when they break down. You won’t have to worry about running out of toner or where to order it from and you won’t get any unexpected bills. You’ll know how much you’re spending on your printers, not just now but for the next one to five years, allowing you to budget properly and plan for the future.

In short, you’ll be able to forget about your printers and concentrate on what’s really important – growing your business and moving it forward. What are you waiting for? Give us a call and let us help you. Only got one printer? Doesn’t matter, we can still help.

Take the first step and call one of our managed print experts on 023 9262 3300.

by Anthony Morgan

Posted in Managed Print

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