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Kyocera Asks What Teachers Think About Printing

From the Printware Blog on Wednesday 7th May 2014 in Education

In The Future of Technology in the Classroom, we discussed how new technology is being used in schools and where this might lead. Increasing integration of traditional and digital teaching methods means that schools are turning to technology companies for solutions and advice. The smart companies aren't just trying to make an easy profit - instead of asking "what can schools do for us?", they’re asking "what can we do for schools?"

Kyocera has done exactly that and commissioned a report called "What Teachers Think" in which 500 teaching professionals were asked their opinions about technology in the classroom. The report highlights the need for more effective cost management, improved security and more efficient use of resources.

It also revealed that most teachers think their school is only just keeping up with the latest technology. Improved BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies and mobile working plus better quality printing would improve the technology offering schools, according to nearly a third of teachers.

Technology in the Classroom - What Teachers Think, Part 1

BYOD is fast becoming the norm in the business world but 64% of teachers said that they didn’t use BYOD in their schools, or that they hadn’t heard of it. To successfully implement BYOD, a couple of things are necessary. Firstly, a network that supports it; for instance, if you’re using iPads, a logical choice would be to install AirPrint compatible printers.

Secondly, your IT network must be secure, with adequate measures to prevent unauthorised access. However, only 45% of teachers felt that their school’s print infrastructure was secure, with 15% having no faith at all in their school’s security.

Only 27% of schools are using biometrics to secure their IT networks so it’s unsurprising that many teachers see this as an area for concern. Kyocera’s BioStore allows users to confirm their identity using a fingerprint scan, making the print process more secure and helping reduce waste at the same time.

Used in conjunction with PaperCut, BioStore enables follow-me printing. Users can send print jobs to the network, then release them from any compatible MFP, such as the Kyocera M6526cdn. Security is greatly increased as print jobs are only released once a user has confirmed their identity.

Technology in the Classroom - What Teachers Think, Part 2

IT costs in general and print costs specifically continue to be an issue for many schools. 35% of teachers were unaware if the printing costs in their school were allocated accurately. As we discussed in Cutting the Cost of Printing in Schools, there are huge cost saving opportunities which too many schools are missing.

 "Schools, colleges and universities are under constant pressure to scrutinise and reconsider their costs in line with current Government policy. One of the areas in which efficiencies can be particularly useful is around processes such as technology and printing, and it is surprising to see the opportunities that are being missed." Rob Attryde, Marketing Manager, KYOCERA Document Solutions UK Ltd.

Technology in the Classroom - What Teachers Think, Part 4

A managed print service such as Kyocera MDS can help identify and reduce these costs by up to 30%. More efficient supplies management, reduced energy consumption and lower support costs all help to bring print budgets under control.

Print management software, such as PaperCut, can offer a low-cost solution to schools who are wary of entering a full-blown print contract. It allows schools to monitor and restrict usage by allocating print quotas or budgets, enforcing print policies and enabling follow-me printing.

PaperCut is simple to install, scalable, easy to use and can help to drive down costs, as well as reduce environmental impact.

All Kyocera printers using the KPDL (PostScript 3 compatible) driver are compatible with PaperCut.

Technology in the Classroom - What Teachers Think, Part 5

Over half (56%) of teachers say their schools print at least 3000 pages per term. This means that the potential cost savings are significant if this is managed properly. Over three quarters (78%) of teachers would like to save money by printing more efficiently and systems like Kyocera MDS, PaperCut MF and Kyocera’s PCounter allow them to do just that.

"Installing PaperCut has enabled us to experience 10% savings in wastage and we are now putting 25% less paper through our copiers and printers. This investment was expected to take 3 years to pay for itself but has done so in the first 12 months." Andy Rolfe, Deputy Bursar, Headington School.

Technology in the Classroom - What Teachers Think, Part 6

Kyocera's HyPAS software development platform unleashes the power and versatility of your MFP. Available with devices such as the Kyocera M6525cidn, HyPAS apps simplify workflows and allow easy access to advanced device functions. For example, Teaching Assistant turns an MFP into an information processing hub, which will automatically mark pupils' exam papers in a matter of seconds. This eliminates errors, makes it easier to produce reports and statistics and, most importantly, frees teachers to spend more time with pupils.

Kyocera has listened to what teachers have to say and has a range of solutions to meet the complex needs of pupils and teachers. To find out more and discover which Kyocera solution is best for your school, call our expert team on 023 9262 3300.


by Anthony Morgan

Posted in Education

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