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Samsung NFC Printers for Business Now Available

From the Printware Blog on Tuesday 13th May 2014 in New Products, News

Last year, Samsung announced its range of NFC-ready consumer printers (New Samsung Printers Take Wireless Printing to the Next Level). Now, it's launched a range of business printers with on-board NFC capability. The new printers, announced at CeBIT 2014, will make mobile printing even easier and allow SMBs to benefit from a slick, professional print infrastructure.


What is NFC?

What is NFC?

NFC stands for Near Field Communication and, as the name implies, it enables wireless communication between two devices which are in close proximity to each other. The technology has been around for at least a decade and it’s by no means the only way for devices to communicate directly via a wireless connection. However, NFC does have a couple of advantages over, say, Bluetooth.

Firstly, NFC uses much less power than Bluetooth and, secondly, two devices can be linked together far more quickly with NFC than with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Although the rate of data transfer using NFC is slower, it is plenty fast enough for smaller files, such as contact details, text and image files.

Examples of NFC technology in current everyday use include card readers on public transport and contactless payment terminals. Before long, we can expect to pay for a variety of goods and services using NFC phones. NFC "tags" on interactive signs and adverts can also be scanned in much the same way that QR codes are now, to transmit information, vouchers, web links and so on. The big advantage of using NFC tags is that they are far more secure than QR codes, which are easily duplicated or altered.


Samsung NFC Printing

NFC and Printing

In the context of printing, NFC makes it a great deal quicker and easier to print from a mobile device. It really is as simple as tap, print, go. NFC capability is built into most mid- and top of the range Android phones, including the Samsung Galaxy S range. There’s a good chance that you already have an NFC-enabled phone, even if you've never used it as one.

Samsung’s Mobile Print App lets you unlock your phone's NFC capabilities and take advantage of a range of powerful tools. For instance, Samsung’s Easy Print Management, which was previously only available on PCs, is now available for mobile devices.

The combination of NFC technology and Samsung Mobile Print allow SMBs to easily monitor device information, status, and usage of consumables, without the need for a print server. Business Core Printing Solutions is installed directly on Samsung printers, so the devices can be managed directly, making it easier and more cost effective for smaller businesses to manage their devices.

Features of NFC Print

  1. Tap and print
  2. Print from Samsung Mobile Print
  3. Google Cloud Print
  4. Built in to all Samsung Galaxy devices

Although you can use Samsung Mobile Print on any NFC-enabled phone, the Galaxy S devices have this functionality built in, so you can print directly to a Samsung NFC printer without downloading the app.

NFC printing is fast, simple and secure, allowing you to benefit from a streamlined mobile printing system, without the need for any additional software or setup. It also gives you an easy method for introducing BYOD to your workplace – particularly if your workforce uses Android phones.

 "As mobile becomes more central to the everyday working environment these NFC-enabled printers let SMBs conduct their business seamlessly as well as catering for the growing Bring Your Own Device trend."
Sung-won Song, Senior Vice President of Strategy Marketing and Sales, Printing Solutions Business, Samsung Electronics.


Samsung NFC Printing

The Printers

Did we mention the printers? In all the excitement about NFC technology and smartphones, it's easy to forget the little grey box at the centre of it all. If you're in business, though, that little grey box is a very important cog in the wheel. The point of all the fun-sounding technology is to save you time and money, streamline your processes and, ultimately, get the best out of your printers.

There two new NFC-enabled printer series - the Xpress C1860 colour series, which is made up of the Xpress C1810W printer and the Xpress C1860FW MFP.

Then there's the mono M2885 series, comprised of the single-function Xpress M2835DW and the multifunction Xpress M2885FW.

The C1860 features a fast, dual core processor, Gigabit networking, PCL & PostScript 3, with a print speed of 18 pages per minute. Samsung's ReCP technology and polymerised toner, with finer and more even particles, deliver sharp images and clear text in colour and black.

At 28 pages per minute, the M2885 is, as expected, faster than the colour devices, with a correspondingly less powerful processor and memory but with the same ReCP technology for exceptional quality prints.

Both the Xpress C1860 and M2885 ranges are compatible with Samsung Cloud Print, which is due to be released later this year. They also feature Wi-Fi Direct, which allows you to send files directly to printer, rather than through a router. This means that you can still make full use of all these machines have to offer, even if you don't have an NFC-enabled phone.

Wi-Fi Direct is also faster than NFC for transferring large amounts of data so, if you need to send a large file, your phone will use NFC to make a fast connection, then switch to Wi-Fi Direct for the actual transfer.

The new Samsung Xpress printers and MFPs will make it easier than ever for your business to implement mobile printing. To find out which device is right for you, check out the product pages or call our expert team on 023 9262 3300.


by Anthony Morgan

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