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OKI A3 Printers Can Give Your Business a Boost

From the Printware Blog on Friday 27th February 2015 in Consumer Advice

OKI C822

If you’ve only ever used A4 printers, you could be missing an opportunity to help your business stand out. Research has shown (Size Really Does Matter When it Comes to Printing) that there are tangible benefits to printing in A3, as opposed to A4 – benefits which can have a direct impact on your bottom line.

Making an impact

For example, A3 visuals can make a business appear larger and more professional. Not only that, customers viewing A3 sales material are 18% more likely to make a purchase than those viewing A4 materials.

So, the upside to A3 printing is clear but you may have decided to stick with A4 because, well, it’s cheaper. After all, an A3 printer is a pretty hefty investment. That may have been true once but it’s now possible to buy an A3 printer for the same price as a mid-range A4 device.

Surprisingly affordable

For example, the OKI C822 starts at just £638.99 ex VAT. Plus, you can claim £210 cashback if you buy one between now and March 31st 2015. That gives you a final cost of £428.99 ex VAT – for an A3 colour printer. Suddenly, cost is no longer a barrier to owning an A3 device.


If space is limited, you might be worried that an A3 printer will fill half your office. However, at just 449mm (W) x 552mm (D), the C822 and C831 have surprisingly small footprints, making them only slightly bigger than many A4 devices. In fact, they’re so compact, you’d hardly know they were A3 printers just by looking at them.

OKI colour printing

Price and size are only two of the factors you’ll be looking at when you’re buying a printer – performance and reliability will also be prime concerns. This is where the OKI printers really come into their own; OKI printers use LED technology, which has several advantages over lasers.

LED vs Laser

Firstly, LED printers have fewer moving parts than laser printers, which makes them more durable and more reliable. This, combined with a straight paper path, allows the C822 and C831 to print on media up to 256gsm. Flexible media handling is one of OKI’s great strengths and both devices will print custom sizes, including banners up to 1.3m long.

Printing sales and marketing materials in-house gives you the ability to make changes quickly and reduce your printing costs. For example, most printing companies have minimum order quantities, so you could be wasting money, ordering 100 banners when you only need 20.

Printing in mono

However organised you are, there will inevitably be times when one of your toner cartridges runs out before you’ve bought a replacement. For most printers, this means that you can’t print anything, even if you’ve run out of colour toner and you only want to print in black.

Create more with OKI

This is because most printers use a small amount of each colour, even for mono printing, so will grind to a halt if one or more of the colour cartridges is empty. Not so with the OKIs; they will carry on printing in black, so you can at least get your mono printing done if you forget to order cyan toner.

A3 vs A4

A3 printers have several advantages over A4 printers (other than the ones we’ve already covered) – they usually faster, they have a higher duty cycle and the cartridges last longer. OKI A3 printers, in particular, have several unique advantages and, for added peace of mind, come with a free three year warranty as standard.

If you want to find out more about our range of OKI A3 printers, check out the pages on our website, or give our expert sales team a call on 023 9262 3300.

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