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3D Printing Meets...Hollywood?

From the Printware Blog on 5th October 2015 in Printing Technology, 3D Printing, Fun Stuff, News,

When we hear about 3D printing, it is usually in relation to the medical, fashion or automobile industry. However, 3D printing and Hollywood go way back, and this technology has seen the success of many movies. So, with yet another industry benefiting from all that 3D printing has to offer, are there any limitations to what this technology can do? 

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Buildings Created by 3D Printing

From the Printware Blog on 7th August 2015 in Printing Technology, 3D Printing, Fun Stuff, News,

Printing, in general, has come a long way. Today, we are blessed with inkjet and colour laser printers at our disposal, however one type of printer has captured a lot of press attention recently. In the past few years, 3D printing has been a part of some impressive projects and with industries making use of this technology every single day, who knows where it could take us next? Well, we might have an idea.


3D Printing in Higher Education

From the Printware Blog on 4th August 2015 in Education, 3D Printing, News

There are so many courses available, each targeting a variety of careers, personalities and, above all, skillsets. From archaeology to art and design, there really is something for everyone. In terms of tech, there is also room for it to slot into how universities and colleges operate, course by course, and day by day. In today’s post though, we will be taking a look at one piece of technology, in particular; 3D printing.


3D Printers in Forensics

From the Printware Blog on 1st August 2015 in 3D Printing, News, Printing Technology

If you managed to catch even a glimpse of NCIS: Los Angeles’ new series, you may have noticed their use of 3D printing. In the episode, In the Line of Duty, the team use a 3D printer to reconstruct the crime scene completely, using just photographs. So, let’s take a look at just a few of the ways this technology has been integrated into the way forensics is carried out, and how it makes the process more efficient.


3D Printing With NASA

From the Printware Blog on 7th June 2015 in 3D Printing, News, Printing Technology

NASA has announced its intentions to move into using 3D printing in space, so they can create spare parts as and when they need them. The 3D hardware builds objects layer by layer with the use of polymers and other materials was first used in space on the 25th November 2014. So, with all this talk of 3D printers creating food and tools in the depths of the universe, it has left us wondering what limits 3D printing has.


3D Printing is Out of This World

From the Printware Blog on 27th January 2015 in 3D Printing

Last year we wrote about NASA’s plan to send a 3D printer to the International Space Station. On 17 November 2014 the 3D printer was installed and, on 25 November, it was used to print its first object. Now, the ISS crew has printed a socket wrench using instructions sent by e-mail. Station commander Barry Wilmore had requested the wrench, which would previously have taken months to arrive by rocket.


Fresh Fruit Could Soon be a 3D Printed Reality

From the Printware Blog on 21st July 2014 in 3D Printing

The printer is no longer a machine for simply applying ink to paper. From the humble beginnings of slow mono printers to the vibrancy and sophistication of modern colour devices, printing has been transformed. Now we are inundated by new printing technologies, the most notable being 3D printing.


The First 3D Printer Designed for Kids

From the Printware Blog on 18th July 2014 in 3D Printing

It seems obvious that 3D printers aren’t for children, although it may become normal to use them for making Christmas and birthday presents. However, a US company believes there is a gap in the market as it prepares to launch the Printeer, the first 3D printer designed specifically for children. Mission Street Manufacturing plans to ship the first units by October 2014.


The World's First 3D Printed Home

From the Printware Blog on 16th July 2014 in 3D Printing

3D printing has long since moved beyond lumpy-faced figurines and custom iPhone cases. They have been used to make made racing cars, prosthetic limbs and even human organs. Two years ago, we published an article about Behrokh Khoshnevis who was trying to create the world’s first 3D printed home. So far, he’s been unsuccessful but, now, a team from Amsterdam is aiming to do just that.


Sesame Streets Ahead When it Comes to 3D Printing

From the Printware Blog on 27th May 2014 in 3D Printing

In an article published on the BBC News website, it was outlined that everyone's favourite street, Sesame Street, would be making its way (surprisingly) into the world of 3D printing. MakerBot is making a downloadable Mr Snuffleupagus figurine available from their digital store, with more characters set to be introduced later. 


HP Delays 3D Printer Announcement Until October

From the Printware Blog on 27th March 2014 in 3D Printing, News

Did HP jump the gun when it announced that it would be releasing a 3D printer in June 2014? It would seem so. CEO Meg Whitman 'inadvertently' stated that there would be a big announcement about HP's entry to the 3D printer market in June. This announcement has now been pushed back to the end of HP’s fiscal year in October.


3D Printing to go Mainstream - Maybe

From the Printware Blog on 20th January 2014 in 3D Printing

Despite all the hype, 3D printing is still the preserve of specialist companies and committed enthusiasts with deep pockets. At least, for now. That could be about to change, though, as two consumer IT giants look to bring 3D printing to a wider audience. Will 3D printers ever be as widespread as laser printers are now? Maybe not but we seem to inching closer all the time.


3D Printer to Help Bloodhound SSC Reach 1000mph

From the Printware Blog on 9th September 2013 in 3D Printing

What do you do when you need a nose cone for a supersonic car? Simple – you print one out and glue it on. When Bloodhound SSC attempts to smash the world land speed record in 2015, it will use a custom made titanium nose cone which has been built using a 3D printer to ensure that it's incredibly light and strong.


NASA to Send 3D Printer to ISS

From the Printware Blog on 19th August 2013 in 3D Printing

"Tea. Earl Grey. Hot." If you’ve ever watched Star Trek: The Next Generation, you’ll be familiar with the scenario of Captain Picard ordering his favourite hot beverage. The matter replicator has long been a dream of science fiction but, like so many science fiction ideas, it’s on its way to becoming reality. Find out how 3D printing technology will affect life aboard the International Space Station.


3D Printing Brings Richard III Back to Life

From the Printware Blog on 5th February 2013 in News, 3D Printing

If you’ve been following the story of the king in the car park, you’ll know that the remains have been confirmed as those of Richard III. Scientists have been able to bring him spectacularly back to life with a combination of techniques, including 3D printing.


Turn Your iPhone into a 3D Scanner

From the Printware Blog on 4th October 2012 in 3D Printing, Fun Stuff, Software

The home 3D printing revolution takes another step forward with an app that turns your iPhone into a 3D scanner. Previously, 3D modelling software allowed you to upload and print your own designs but 123 Catch goes a step further. Now you can scan, upload and print a 3D object using a simple, free app.


Beauty the Bald Eagle Gets 3D Printed Beak

From the Printware Blog on 25th September 2012 in 3D Printing

Beauty the bald eagle was discovered at a landfill in Alaska, slowly starving to death. Part of her beak had been destroyed when she was shot by a poacher, making it almost impossible for her to eat. Now, thanks to the wonders of 3D printing, Beauty is sporting a bionic beak, which has restored her looks and her ability to feed herself.


3D Printing the Next Mars Rover

From the Printware Blog on 5th September 2012 in News, 3D Printing

Mars rover Curiosity has been in the news a great deal as it explores the surface of Earth's nearest planetary neighbour. Whilst Curiosity still has nearly two years of its mission left, NASA is busy working on its successors and is employing 3D printing technology to create the next generation of Mars rovers.


US Army Sends 3D Printers to Afghanistan

From the Printware Blog on 24th August 2012 in News, 3D Printing

Is there anything you can't do with a 3D printer? Well, yes lots but the list is growing smaller all the time. The United States Army is the latest organisation to recognise the potential of 3D printers as it begins using them to manufacture replacement equipment in the field.


Building Houses with a 3D Printer

From the Printware Blog on 17th August 2012 in 3D Printing

Behrokh Khoshnevis from the University of Southern California has developed an idea for a 3D printer which, he says, can build a house in less than 24 hours. If it works, it could have a massive impact for the homeless and those living in inadequate housing around the world. The only problem is that the printer is still a long way from actually being built.


3D Printed Magic Arms Help Four Year Old Emma to Hug and Play

From the Printware Blog on 3rd August 2012 in 3D Printing

Every now and then a story comes along that really tugs at the heartstrings but rarely, if ever, does it have anything to do with the world of printers and printing. However, we've been quite fortunate lately to feature a few feel-good stories and we don't think you can have too much of a good thing.


Creating Human Organs Using a 3D Printer

From the Printware Blog on 29th June 2012 in 3D Printing

Printing a fully functional human organ using a 3D printer has been the Holy Grail of the medical world ever since it became a realistic possibility. Although a working human organ fit for transplant has yet to be created artificially, advances in 3D printing mean that there is huge potential for this to become a reality very soon.


Portable 3D Printers

From the Printware Blog on 29th May 2012 in 3D Printing

3D printers – they just won't go away, will they? Having moved out of the laboratory and into the commercial world, 3D printers then started finding their way into people’s homes. Now they've gone a stage further and actually gone mobile. It's not like there's just one of them, either, as there are several portable 3D printers already available.


Robot 3D Printer Makes Its Own Tools

From the Printware Blog on 25th May 2012 in 3D Printing

It had to happen. With the 3D printing revolution in full swing, there are almost limitless uses for the technology and, as a result, 3D printers are being incorporated into the design of many robots. Now, a robotics team in Zurich has gone one stage further by creating a robot that can manufacture its own tools.


3D Printing Show Coming to London in October

From the Printware Blog on 11th May 2012 in 3D Printing

October will see the launch of a new event in London as the 3D Printshow gets under way for the first time. The event will bring together some of the leading names in the world of 3D printing for three days, starting on October 19th


3D Printing Smart Wings

From the Printware Blog on 12th April 2012 in 3D Printing

3D printing technology has been combined with printed electronic circuitry to create the world’s first fully printed hybrid structure – a 'smart' wing for an unmanned aircraft. The technology has huge potential to revolutionise manufacturing, not just for military aircraft but also for commercial aircraft, medical devices and the automotive industry.


3D Chocolate Printer Now On Sale

From the Printware Blog on 11th April 2012 in 3D Printing, Fun Stuff

3D printing in chocolate is now a commercial reality as British-based company Choc Edge goes to market with the Choc Creator Version 1. Although too late for this Easter, the Choc Creator is nonetheless generating a great deal of interest and it won't be long before customised confectionery becomes readily available.


3D Printer Creates Tiny Landmarks and F1 Race Car

From the Printware Blog on 22nd March 2012 in 3D Printing

3D printing is getting faster and more accurate all the time and, for most people, the focus has been on making printers that can create larger objects. However, a team of scientists at the Vienna University of Technology has taken things in a different direction.


3D Printing Helps Blind Students and Amputees

From the Printware Blog on 7th March 2012 in 3D Printing

Amongst the many and varied applications for 3D printing, some of which seem merely aesthetic, or even frivolous, there are some which genuinely have a positive impact on people’s lives. Here, we look at just a couple of examples where 3D printing is actually being used to improve people's quality of life, or make it easier in a meaningful way.


Palaeontologists Print 3D Dinosaur Bones

From the Printware Blog on 22nd February 2012 in 3D Printing, Fun Stuff

Ever since 3D printing became fashionable again, it seems that hardly a week goes by without someone finding a clever, innovative or downright bizarre use for 3D printers. Now the technology is being applied in a somewhat unusual way as palaeontologists use it to create replica dinosaur bones.

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