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Printware outlines plans for prosperity in 2009

From the Printware Blog on Monday 16th March 2009 in News

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Cameron Mitchell, our Managing Director, was approached by CRN Magazine for an update on our position since the acquisition at the end of 2007.

Bullish reseller reveals ambitious growth targets for the next three years in wake of Danwood buyout

One year after its acquisition by Danwood Group, independent printer reseller Printware is embarking on various new initiatives to remain strong through the downturn and even grow its business.

Cameron Mitchell, managing director of Printware, claimed the Portsmouth-based firm remains the leading independent printer reseller in the UK.

“I am keen to ensure that we continue to have a voice in the market,” said Mitchell. “We have launched our web site www.printware.co.uk and have embarked on several initiatives to grow our business.”

Print management and consultancy Danwood Group bought the then-18-years-old reseller on 1 November 2007 from founder Kevin Jones, who has now retired.

A year of integration followed, which Mitchell said solidified the benefits for both businesses.

“Fourteen months bring a certain amount of changes, but we have kept Printware essentially as a standalone part of the group, retaining its own brand and identity, and then seeking synergies where we can use Danwood muscle,” he said.

Printware customers can now take advantage of services provision through access to some 300 Danwood engineers and technicians.

“Printware now has its own service network,” added Mitchell. “And now we also have our own finance, so we can offer some flexible finance solutions, which in this credit crunch is probably a good thing.”

The VAR still has about 50 staff post-acquisition, with HP and Xerox accounts remaining a large focus.

“We have grown the business, both in revenue terms and bottom line [in 2008] and Danwood is looking to double the business over the next three years,” said Mitchell. “We do not want to grow so fast, though, that we compromise the customer experience,” he added.

Danwood Group has 33 offices throughout the UK and Ireland, with the latest opening in Derbyshire in December.

Martin Lenton, regional sales manager at Danwood, said in a statement that the group plans to continue expanding.

“We pride ourselves on offering a wide range of products while remaining independent, which allows us to advise our customers without being biased towards any particular manufacturer,” he said.

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