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Printing Through The Ages

From the Printware Blog on Friday 12th June 2015 in News

There's no doubt that at some stage during their younger years, everyone went through a phase of finger painting and potato printing before they realised exactly what paint brushes were for and how a printer was supposed to work. But alas, those years refined our skills with Microsoft Paint, preparing today's top designers for InDesign and Photoshop.

This post is going to take such a trip down memory lane, and back to present day, so that those feelings of nostalgia will be pumping and those fingers itching to splash some cool paint across a large piece of sugar paper. 

Why not get your current employees involved with something a little more light-hearted for a Friday afternoon, by getting in some paint and seeing what masterpieces they can create as an adult versus those days of yesteryear?

Ink Pots

The Finger Painting Stage

Young children are finding their way around the world and to do so, they use their fingers. They touch and taste everything, ensuring they can get a good feel for all that is around them, from rattles to clothing to toys. At this age, it is great for them to be able to get creative and sticking their fingers in some paint then smearing it all over a large canvas is their idea of fun.

Potato Painting 

Having realised that fingers don't quite serve as the finest paintbrush, it is time that they were exchanged for something a little more substantial. While parents repeat the words 'don't play with your food' they didn’t quite mention don't paint with it.

Leaky Pens

Today, there is nothing worse than a leaking pen; somehow the ink seems to get everywhere - all over you, your work, your desk and everything in between. However, in our tender teen years we found it highly amusing to break a pen, get the ink out and smear it all over the place, leaving the poor cleaners and teachers with a real mess on their hands.

Essay Printing

After years of throwing paint around and leaking pens all over the place, things suddenly got very serious and thousands of words needed printing out in the form of an essay. More paper, more printer cartridges and a lot more effort was required!

The First CV

Finally, with all the essays out of the way, the time came to write up that very first CV. You printed out about 300 and handed them to every conceivable place you could think of, with little thought to any of the practicalities.

The First Report

The time has come; you've passed the first day, you're now printing off your first month's report, ready to be handed to the Managing Director at the monthly board meeting. Sweaty palms are making the ink run a little and your mouth is dry. But! That's ok, because it is over now and you're reading this piece, which implies the report went well!

So remember to lighten the mood a little in the office, give everyone a visit down memory lane and ensure that you are fully stocked up on printer cartridges and paper.

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