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Innovative Approach to Printing

From the Printware Blog on Wednesday 8th July 2015 in News, Consumer Advice, Resources

Each year, we throw away so many printer cartridges and the majority of these don't even come close to being recycled. Sadly, all of this waste is building up and harming our planet, putting pressure on businesses and households to switch to more eco-friendly practices. However, have Epson found a revolutionary opportunity in the market to help save on all of this waste?

According to The Guardian, after so long of keeping prices low, Epson have a new concept that could change the way families print. Their concept of refillable ink tanks should last a common home printer user roughly two years, The Guardian states. This, however, is based on an average of 200 pages per month production - something to keep in mind if you telecommute and have demanding printer needs.

The brand's range of inkjet models has a starting price of around £249. Despite this significant rise in price compared to other Epson printers on today's market, the company have rightly justified the asking price. They claimed "users would save 60-65% from using a printer with a tank compared with buying cartridges." They continued by saying that users are "free to refill the tank with non-Epson branded ink when it runs out."

Epson printing changes

The Guardian states that Epson's move comes during a significant decline in overall sales as many users are switching to social media platforms to view and share pictures. In addition, homes all across the UK are moving towards using third-party suppliers to purchase cheaper printer cartridges.

So, we know the benefits of these refillable tanks for households, but are they just as advantageous for businesses? Well, like households, businesses are also turning to third-party suppliers for affordable ink that is still compatible with their printer model. For larger corporations, sticking to this method or purchasing branded ink may be beneficial as it helps to cater for their demanding printing needs. For smaller companies who don’t print as much, however, the convenience of being able to refill the tank with a non-branded ink could prove beneficial in the long-run.

On the other hand, this will all depend on how much a business prints every day, week or month and their overall ink consumption. As mentioned, the figures provided in this article are based on a 200-page average. This means that for companies that greatly exceed this number, it may not be as ideal and will require refilling more often which, in turn, could be a more costly expense.

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