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Printer MOT

From the Printware Blog on Monday 15th June 2015

Your company relies on certain technology to keep everything ticking over nicely. If these products aren't properly looked after, they can disrupt the entire equilibrium of the office. Your office printer, for example, is an important piece within the office and needs regular maintenance to keep it at optimum performance.

So let www.printware.co.uk tackle this like a car MOT. Regular checks on your printer, carried out by a trained professional, can help keep it running properly, for longer. With your car, the brakes may be on their way out, but you may not have noticed because you are so used to traveling in the car every day; the same goes for your printer.

Listed below are the different checks and types of servicing our engineers perform as part of our Full Maintenance Valet. This is a service that we offer after completing a general maintenance call.

  • A full external check and clean of covers and assemblies
  • A full internal check and clean of moving parts and sensors
  • A full vacuum of all accessible areas
  • A status check of consumable and maintenance items
  • A status check of installed software and drivers
  • A diagnostic system self-test

Printer MOT guide

The benefits of servicing your printer are extensive and allow you to keep your printer running efficiently for longer. Not only does this benefit your business in terms of cost, but it also minimises the disruption to the office in the event of the printer developing a fault.

There are some tell-tale signs that your printer may require attention before it reaches a critical maintenance call. These can be simple notable features that, with immediate attention, can be resolved so business can go on as usual.

Orange or blinking light

Once your printer has been turned on there should normally be a steady green light. If this light is orange or flashing, it usually indicates a printer error. Potentially, this could be a paper jam, an issue with the ink or toner cartridge or another internal error. There is no standard, or universal meaning to what a flashing light means, so if you are unsure it is best to look at the manufacturer's troubleshooting manual which will have been supplied with the printer.

No paper or paper jam

Be careful not to overload the paper tray, as this will increase the likelihood of paper jams. Should this occur, the paper will need to be removed manually before the printer will continue to print.

Inkjet printer related issues

A printer cartridge problem is often indicated by a red or orange flashing light as described above. If a new ink cartridge has recently been installed, it may not be in the right position, so check that the cartridge replacement has been carried out correctly.

We have discussed some of the ways in which your printer's life can be preserved, and also some of the indicators that something may be wrong. Being aware of these can keep your business running smoothly and allow you to identify potential faults in advance, enabling you to deal with them efficiently. 

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