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Spotlight Special: Big Brands

From the Printware Blog on Wednesday 29th July 2015 in Consumer Advice, Resources,

Here at Printware, we stock a diverse collection of printer technology, from some of the world's biggest and most well-known brands; all of which are high-quality, so you can feel equally satisfied being a Printware customer.

As a company, we recognise our partners' achievements and believe everyone, from teens to office workers, should benefit from what these manufacturers have to offer. And what is that exactly? Keep reading for our spotlight special on just three big name brands.


Though Ricoh officially began their printing empire in 2004, with some experience developing fax solutions in the past, the company was formed in 1936.

This history left the firm well-positioned to translate their years spent manufacturing Pitney-Bowes copiers in the late 1980s and 90s, and establish and build something entirely innovative, from the ground up.

Today, Ricoh boast a full range of affordable, sustainable printing solutions and have deservedly received the title of one of the most ethical global companies, for three years in a row.

With colour and mono laser printers guaranteeing quality with every print, whether you are a student in need of crisp documents, or a home office worker wanting something simple but capable of keeping up with your daily tasks, Ricoh's selection will leave you more than satisfied.


Kyocera spent their years of experience developing everything from CD players and cassettes to solar energy systems and, of course, printers. Perhaps the company's most defining feature though is its commitment to eco-friendly solutions, made in an effort to significantly reduce waste and do their part for the environment.

With this in mind, they developed ECOSYS products, which produce as much as 90% less waste than other printers on the market. This doesn't mean quality is compromised though, as with a Kyocera device, you not only have the benefit of maintaining your green credentials but producing top-notch documents too.

If this wasn't appealing enough, like Ricoh, Kyocera has a broad range of mono and colour laser printers to choose from. Whilst some multi-purpose devices are suitable for home office use, with their compact designs, others will work seamlessly in busy workplaces where effortless quality is considered a standard.


Last, but certainly not least, you have Xerox. Recognised worldwide for their excellent collection of laser and solid ink printers, this brand has well and truly established itself as a pioneering industry leader, among those mentioned in this blog post. Specialising in multifunction devices, you can always rely on a Xerox printer to juggle multiple jobs at once whilst, with the right maintenance, never failing to deliver.

Printware has a number of different branded printers from this partner, all of which are available at an affordable cost, to cater for businesses of all sizes.

As for the company's own past achievements, they are known as the brains behind the world’s first ever laser printer, making the firm a definite go-to if you're looking for innovative printing solutions and first-hand quality. This isn't all though, as Xerox is also recognised as possessing a Royal warrant, which means they have previously supplied technology to the royal family.

So, now you know a little more about three big name brands on the printing market, what will your next move be?

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