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Why Technology Is So Important For Growth

From the Printware Blog on Friday 31st July 2015

Technology has wriggled its way into every corner of our lives. Whether you live on your smartphone or scour the internet for home or business use, chances are you’re sure to come across some form of technology in your daily life.

Focusing on work though, we have become so reliant on technology that it seems there is little room for traditional marketing techniques to move. In saying this, we still often wonder why technology is so important for growth and how it can aid the development of a company.

In this blog post, printware.co.uk seek to shed some light on why technology is so important for growth.

Social Platforms

The internet is a haven of knowledge; you can find out just about anything by simply typing a question or topic into a search engine. However, one area of the internet in particular has become very popular, both in terms of personal and business use, and that is social media.

There are so many social platforms out there that it makes sense to take advantage of their versatility and the opportunities they offer in terms of growth.

And how do they help a business grow you may ask; well, not only can they help you become an established firm in the industry through increased brand awareness, but these platforms are fantastic for engaging with customers.

This kind of retention is brilliant and as so many potential customers use these platforms, making use of social media is a great way to bring new clients or customers onboard. Or, at the very least, get your name out there.

So, where does technology come into this? Well, social platforms are usually available in the form of apps as well as on your typical browser. This means you can carry out effective social media techniques for your business from just about any device, including smartphones and tablets, no matter where you may be.

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Having multiple technological choices is so much more efficient than having to stick to a standard desktop PC. Not only does it mean you can complete tasks on the go, but it also gives you more freedom in terms of where you choose to work in the office. This type of flexibility and efficiency is brilliant for growth as it enables you to keep on top of your task list and ensure total customer satisfaction, which is what we all like to hear!


Being able to streamline meetings, calls and the like is invaluable for growth. It shows that you are a smooth-running company that knows how to deal with challenging situations, and it teaches employees skills such as time management. But how can we streamline meetings? With technology of course.

Technology is wonderful for streamlining, as is having the right equipment on hand as and when you need it. One huge way technology helps to streamline things like meetings is by ensuring managers and employees have everything they need at the touch of a button. Whether this means a full task list, notes from last week’s meeting or the relevant bookmarked page on their browser, it really can make a difference having everything in one place.

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