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A Guide to Printing Browser Pages

From the Printware Blog on Friday 21st August 2015

It used to be that when we came across a brilliant page on the internet, we’d face the realisation that printing it was not always an option.

Today though, this issue has been partially solved by tablets and smartphones which allow us to save information swiftly and send an email to ourselves with the attachment, all at the touch of a button.

However, when it comes to actually printing off the browser page, there are a few issues that can arise.

One of the most common problems to occur is to do with the formatting of the page itself. It may be that a mixture of important and unnecessary information drags onto another page or perhaps the layout of the page.

Whatever your issues are though, there are a few ways to work around them. Below we have compiled a short guide to printing browser pages, whether you use a colour laser printer or an inkjet device. If, however, you're in search of a colour printer, click now to see our selection. 


Browser image

Extract information from the page

If it’s just the information you need, why not extract what you need from the page and pop it on a word document?

This will allow you to adjust the formatting of the page accordingly, without losing any information in the process or wasting any ink because you just can’t seem to get it right.

In addition, this allows you to summarise the information you need, and you can still pop a link at the bottom to show clients or employees where you sourced the data.

If, however, you need the actual browser page for whatever reason, try our next tip.

Print Preview

Print Preview is a wonderful tool that allows you to see how your print will look before it’s in your hands.

This feature enables you to ensure the formatting, and anything else you’re worried about, is good. It also allows you to make any changes, like the orientation of the page. Plus, you can choose the exact page number you want, without having to print off the whole document or PDF for the sake of one page.

If in doubt, don’t be afraid to ask

If you’re still in doubt, never be afraid to ask for help, whether this is internally or online. There are also plenty of forums available online where people have experienced the same issue, and someone has resolved it for them, so it’s always worth looking online first before bothering Tim from technical.

These are just a few tips on how to avoid wasting ink when trying to print a browser page in the wrong format. Do you have anymore that you would like to share with our readers?

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