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Looking Back On the Xpress C4XX Series from Samsung

From the Printware Blog on Monday 6th July 2015 in Consumer Advice, News,

With the advent of smartphones, more and more manufacturers are creating devices that are compatible with them. Samsung is one notable example, with their Xpress C4XX series. Though these printers have been around for quite a while, the novelty of streamlining your business in a cost and time-efficient fashion still hasn’t worn off for those who are just discovering this technology.

Samsung’s Near Field Communication (NFC) enabled colour laser printers, and multi-function printers, allow users to print documents directly from their smartphones.

As you can imagine, this has offered many benefits to small business owners and home office workers alike. If, however, you’re unsure how great an impact this technology can have on your work life, read on.

In this blog post, we will take a look at the advantages this technology can bring to your home and commercial office.

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Commercial Office Benefits

Aside from the usual promise of efficiency, the Xpress C4XX series has an assortment of other benefits too, all with small commercial offices in mind. Not only can business owners and employees take advantage of its wireless connectivity - especially those who sit in proximity to the device – but the series consists of speedy devices. Both of these factors will help to save time, especially if you’ve got to dash to the meeting room in five minutes.

What’s more is that anyone in the office can use this device! No matter what smartphone your employees have, the appropriate software is available on Google Play. This means that no one has to miss out on using these handy devices to print important documents quickly and efficiently.

Home Office Benefits

It isn’t just commercial offices that can make the most of this technology though; home offices are equally able to take advantage too. On top of being a speedy series, it also features Easy Print Manager. This allows users to manage their own software effectively; printer status, errors, printing jobs and various alerts can all be monitored and controlled via a smartphone.

This is ideal for home office workers who can’t rely on the office techy to resolve the problem. It also means they can keep track of how much they print, so they can work out the stationery budget for the month.

In addition to all these benefits for commercial and home office workers, users can also install the Samsung Mobile Print App. This allows them to print more complex documents, including PDFs, Excel Spreadsheets and other MS documents, with one swift click on their smartphones.

As mentioned, this technology has been available for a while now, though this doesn’t mean it is outdated. This series is every bit as capable of delivering satisfactory results as new printers dominating the market today.

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