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Takeover of the Laser in Offices

From the Printware Blog on Thursday 27th August 2015 in Consumer Advice, News, Resources, Printing Technology,

Laser technology is popular in a number of industries today, and a lot of businesses make use of the benefits it offers. Not only is it highly versatile, but it comes at an affordable price too, so everyone, from start-ups to large corporations, can make the most of it.

But what are the most popular laser applications in the office? Read on to find out.


Printers, specifically colour laser printers have come a long way. Not only are they faster and more advanced in terms of integrated features, but they are also more powerful and can churn out a larger number of documents in crisp quality.

Every company undeniably needs a printer, and those that opt for this type will not be disappointed. They are available in a wide range of specs to suit every requirement, and they vary in cost too, making them ideal for any size business.


Computer mice tend to use laser technology to operate and detect movement. Though there are varieties of technologies that can do the same job, laser computer mice still stand strong and provide a seamless experience for workers using them.

Like the colour laser printer, laser mice can be found in different styles, notably glass laser mice. This type of computer laser mice consists of similar technology; however, it enables workers to use it on a glass surface with little to no problems.

Presentation Pointer

If you have ever led a presentation or a meeting using visual aspects, you will know the difficulty of keeping everyone on the same page and, more specifically, demonstrating the purpose of something.

Of course, you can show them by pointing to your laptop or tablet. However, if you have a projector, you may find it easier to use a presentation pointer. This is not only efficient; it can make work life that little bit easier for workers who regularly present information to clients in this way.

Man using laser pointer

These are just three ways offices today are using laser technology. How does your office use this technology?

If your office is lacking a little on the tech side of things, see our website for a complete office set-up, complete with printers from brands like HP.

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