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Popular Tech Additions to Offices

From the Printware Blog on Friday 4th September 2015 in Consumer Advice, News, Resources, Printing Technology,

Aside from the classic balance of PCs and standard office furniture, what else are you likely to see in the commercial offices of today? Is new technology scarce, replaced by piles of pens and stacks of paper? Or can you expect to be greeted by a consistent flow of tech throughout the workplace?

Projector on desk

Well, the truth is, it is likely that most offices fall somewhere in between. Integrating tech with traditional methods of working, like drafting on paper and the like, is not only efficient, but ensures a blend that may help to foster productivity.

Paper and coloured pens aside though, technology has undoubtedly become an integral part of everyday office life, for more reasons than one.

So, let’s take a look at just three popular tech additions for offices and their input into daily work life.


Ah yes, the printer. Almost every day, an influx of employees make their way to the printer to pick up invaluable documents and colourful printouts, causing the once-high office stock of printer cartridges to whittle down.

It’s true that the printer is one of the most used technologies in an office; luckily though, there are plenty of eco-friendly options available, like recyclable and refillable ink cartridges, and the like, for happy faces all round.


Projectors come in particularly handy during big business meetings and internal training sessions. Not only are they great for displaying data, but they are fantastic for showing, quite literally, the bigger picture of a campaign, so everyone can clearly see your company’s progress, and more.


The division between laptop-lovers and those who are passionate about their PC has long been disputed. However, in offices today, many utilise both of these technologies. Similar to the concept of dual-screening, you have the option to either use both for separate tasks or connect your laptop to a PC monitor, for a larger picture. The latter can be especially useful if you have frequent visitors.

These are just three popular tech additions to the office, all of which are available here at Printware. So, whether you’re after a hi-spec laptop, or you’re in desperate need of a new Lexmark printer, browse our range here.

Alternatively, we have a number of services to make use of, from leasing to installation, and much more. For any more information, get in touch today through our website.

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