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Staying Green this Summer

From the Printware Blog on Monday 10th August 2015 in Consumer Advice, Environment, News, Resources

Here at Printware, staying green is important to us. Not only is it vital for the planet, but it can also help you save some pennies along the way, meaning happy faces all round. The best part though is that staying green is easy as pie, even if your office is continuously exposed to heavy traffic and trips to the office Xerox printer.

With summer on its way too, what better time to start implementing green practices! Not only will moods be lifted, but it also provides the perfect opportunity to get everyone involved in something new and exciting in the office, to banish those summer blues spent indoors.

So, read on to see just a few tips for staying green this summer.

Go green

Open the Windows

When temperatures rise, it can understandably be difficult to concentrate. Not only do employees long to be in the sun, but the office can also become very stuffy and hot. A good reason you would need to address the issue in an eco-friendly way, with comfort levels in mind.

Instead of switching on the air conditioning and using more energy than necessary, why not open the windows. Even if it is only ajar, this can help to ensure optimal comfort while employees whistle and work.

Switch the Lights Off

With summer comes lighter evenings, which we all love! It gives us a chance to settle in the garden after work and enjoy the scenery. However, in work hours, you need to focus on your green measures, particularly when it comes to lighting. Purely out of habit, we tend to switch on lights for no reason, even if it’s bright and sunny outside. So, instead of basking in the artificial light, open the blinds and let the sun open up your office space.

If it is too bright, adjust the blinds accordingly. This will save not only energy, but also the pennies in the long-run, making it ideal for offices looking to go green!

Standby is Not Your Friend

Though we may think it’s ideal to leave our machines on standby overnight, to avoid reboot time in the morning, it is wasting energy that could otherwise be saved. Not only this, but if we even forget to pop our computers into standby one night, the heat given off can make for an unpleasant setting in the morning, particularly during the sunny season. Not to forget it‘s a possible fire risk too, so don’t forget to turn your machines off before you head home.

It isn’t just computers that need a rest though, as other office tech needs to be switched off too. It may be worth making it a part of daily routine to carry out an inspection and ensure you aren’t wasting energy and money.

These are just three eco-friendly tips for staying green this summer. Do you have any others that you’d like to add?

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