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3D Printing in the Fashion Industry

From the Printware Blog on Thursday 1st October 2015 in News, Printing Technology,

The fashion industry is thriving, with people lining up to become the next top model, according to the hottest magazines around the world. Not only does it give designers the chance to showcase their latest (and greatest?) collection of clothing for a particular season, but also the fashion industry is constantly connecting with all generations.

However, the way in which clothes are made has changed dramatically. Far from the traditional ‘needle and thread’ method, many designers are now enlisting the help of 3D printing to assist in the creation process. Not only does this help to ensure precision, but it also opens doors, both in the tech and fashion world.

3D Printed Shoes

You see, 3D printers are gaining popularity in many industries that can benefit from all that they have to offer. Not only this, but they are also becoming a lot more affordable, especially for those that are set to revolutionise their industry at any cost, even in the world of fashion.

The best part though is that, thanks to this technology’s versatility, it enables designers to experiment with different styles, materials and more. Because of this, there’s no telling what’s going to hit the catwalk next season, and we’re all left on the edge of our seats when it comes to this year’s latest trends.

This isn’t all though, as we also need to consider how this method could impact us as consumers. Arguably, if 3D printing kicks off in the fashion industry and every high-street name enlists the help of one, we could be looking at quicker delivery times as a result. Another advantage would be more clothes hitting brick and mortar stores, in a wider variety of sizes and styles too.

Though not set in stone, it’s just one of many doors that 3D printing could open up.

Of course, with all this excitement, we must remember that things like colour laser printers are not likely to go out of ‘fashion’ just yet, thanks to their expanding abilities.

So, what do you think about the use of 3D printing in this industry, and how could it change the way we shop and view fashion in the future?

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