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Spotlight Special: HP and Canon Printers

From the Printware Blog on Sunday 2nd August 2015

If you’ve read any of our previous Spotlight Specials, you will know that here at Printware, we are very proud of the brands we deal with and the way they benefit our customers.

That’s why we’ve shone the spotlight on two of the world’s best-known computing and printing brands, below. Read on to find out more about Canon and Hewlett-Packard.


Canon Come and SeeCanon Europe is one of the business world’s best known and most popular printer brands. Their technology is second-to-none, and their commitment to excellence is something you can rely on long term.

Established in 1957, the brand has revolutionised the way offices work and print. They not only hold their own as a technology manufacturer, but they have also impressed their industry peers, producing laser printers for Hewlett-Packard since 1985.

In addition to an impressive history in terms of design and manufacture, Canon also gets involved with a number of other projects that make a difference to the global community, as well as the business world. They are involved with humanitarian aid and disaster relief efforts, environmental and conservation initiatives, and various aspects of community, education, science and development. They even play an active role in culture and sport.

What’s more, is their impressive environmental credentials. Not only is this brand committed to reducing emissions and their carbon footprint, whilst finding sustainable methods of production, but they are even pioneering when it comes to being green. In 1990, they began the world’s very first toner cartridge recycling programme – something which has caught on and made a difference financially and environmentally.

So if you’re looking for products from a brand that values The Power Of The Image and working for the common good, look no further than this eleven-time-winner of the Readers’ Digest Most Trusted Camera Brand In Europe award. Browse our Canon collection for more.


HP (Hewlett-Packard)      

Hewlett-Packard, or HP as they are affectionately known, has a core ideology that advocates affordability, reliability, creativity and responsibility; both for the consumer, and the world at large. This is the “HP Way”, which the brand and its employees have upheld for more than half a century and it is this ‘way’ that makes them a standout and standalone player in the industry. 

Back in 1939, Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard began their electrical engineering company in Packard’s garage, with little more than 500USD to play with.

Not ones to hang around, by 1957, they were an established brand in the public domain.The next few decades saw them innovate, experiment and evolve beyond all expectations, with ventures in the form of computers, scientific instruments and, of course, printers. Naturally, our preoccupation is with the latter as we are familiar with the superb quality and performance of HP printers.

So too are our customers; being no strangers to the brand’s impressive products, they consistently choose to rely on HP for all their office technology solutions.

And thanks to Printware’s extensive range of HP printers, accessories and supplies, you can rely on HP too! Just browse our site or get in touch to learn more about HP and the other brands we offer.

Of course, the impressive histories, achievements and performance of these brands is just the tip of the iceberg.

To see what they’re capable of for yourself, browse our range of HP and Canon products, or get in touch to discuss these brands and others in more detail.

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