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Employee of the Month (Every Month)

From the Printware Blog on Friday 9th October 2015 in New Products, News

Since Canon released the world's first ever inkjet printer in 1985, they have become well-positioned to deliver exceptional products, with a glowing reputation by their side every step of the way. With the company's years of experience, Canon has excelled in catering for offices of all sizes with a green heart; a characteristic demonstrated by their place in the top 56 brands to ensure climate-friendly practices.

From energy-saving techniques to recycled materials, it becomes clear that Canon is not only devoted to customer satisfaction, but to the planet as well.

Perhaps one of their most notable qualities, though, is their commitment to uncovering innovation; something the world has repeatedly been exposed to through new product lines and clever marketing strategies, the latter of which has once again grabbed our attention.

Enter MAXIFY; Canon's new printer range, designed with small businesses in mind.

But why is this collection by Canon something to get excited about? Or, rather, what has injected vitality into the growing nation of telecommuters and office workers alike? Well, why don’t we ask Joe, Harry, Greg and Fran; the latest star employees to join the workforce?

Meet Fran Canon

While humanising inanimate objects is nothing new, it is without a doubt a fantastic way to engage customers, and the marketing team even took it one step further by drafting CVs for these four printers and releasing them in the company’s ‘toolkit’.

It doesn’t stop here though, as a handful of advertisements were crafted featuring the printers in all their personalised glory, with real small business owners partaking in a short story to show customers just how much they need Canon's MAXIFY range.

So, with this latest marketing move by Canon, we can expect to see and hear more of these printer personalities in the future and perhaps a few new additions to the office dream team!

Canon Name Campaign

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