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Intriguing Advertising Campaigns

From the Printware Blog on Friday 16th October 2015 in News, Fun Stuff

The world is awash with print advertising campaigns that aim to shock, delight and amuse us, ultimately triggering a response. Whether it is positive or negative, the adage comes into play here, with the words “there’s no such thing as bad publicity.”

Over the years, we have been exposed to countless print adverts; pasted on the side of buses, popping up in newspapers and even on the streets, they’re everywhere. As living proof that this marketing technique has most certainly not faded into the background in the shadow of technology, companies are making a conscious effort to optimise their campaigns by utilising this method.

Whether it is a smaller firm, equipped with their trusty colour laser printer or a high-street name making the most of thousands of copies, print advertising can offer multiple benefits to all.

Today though, we won’t be going into its benefits. Instead, we will be taking a look at just three intriguing print advertising campaigns that have appeared over the past few years and the possible reasons for their success.

Plant in hands

World Water Day

World water day is a global event that stresses the importance of clean water and also provides people with the opportunity to make a difference in vulnerable areas, the world over. However, an advert for Roca, created by Havas Worldwide Muscat, looked a little deeper into what we actually waste. Beautifully simple on the surface, this advert speaks volumes about wasting water, complete with clever water droplet handcuffs and a spilled cup. With the tagline: “Every wasted drop is a crime against nature”, this advert needn’t say more to have the right impact.


 No, it isn’t a typo. Advertising company, Brickman, based in Israel, created this advert. In the words of the print advertisement: with the view of encouraging more people to “disconnect for a while” and “read a book”. Simple and effective, this advert is extremely clever and arguably targets a younger generation, causing them to look twice, thanks to the play on words. Though it doesn’t consist of much, it is attention-grabbing all the same.

Plant for the Planet

There are several adaptations of this advert. However, they all consist of the same message; plant for the planet - as the brand’s name suggests. This advert is truly a work of art, using intricate details to depict a much deeper message on how our industrial factories and modes of transport are affecting the planet. This isn’t all though, as it also suggests how we are mistreating trees, portrayed by the tagline: “Every leaf traps CO2”. Visit Printware today for all your printing accessories.

These are just three intriguing print advertising campaigns. Of course, there are plenty more to keep an eye out for, so don’t forget to praise your printer for the hard work it's done throughout your print advertising campaigns!

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