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Spotlight Special: Canon, Ricoh & Printware

From the Printware Blog on Monday 26th October 2015 in News, Consumer Advice, Resources

It is no secret that www.printware.co.uk offers plenty of choice in the way of printers, printing supplies and accessories. One glance at the big name brands and countless products we have in stock is enough to tell you that whatever your office needs, we are going to have it.

But with so many top quality pieces of kit to choose from, how do you know what is right for you? We know that some people search by brand, others know what technical specifications they’re after, and yet more get in touch with us to discuss their options and our solutions in more detail.

For those interested in what specific brands can offer, though, we invite you to carry on reading this month’s Spotlight Special, to learn more about three of our most popular brands and their leading products. Learn more about Canon Inkjet Printers, Ricoh Laser Printers and Printware’s compatible print cartridges, below.


Canon Come and SeeCanon got its start in the 1930s’ photography market, designing and producing cameras that continuously pushed the boundaries. Over the years, they extended their remit, to include fax, copying and printing technology, among other innovations. Now they are one of the best known and most respected printer brands out there, with offices of all shapes and sizes relying on them and their products.


We are proud to stock such impressive Canon products, especially their range of inkjet printers. Inkjet printing itself has been around for a while (since the 19th century), and it’s a simple but reliable concept, of recreating high-quality images with ink droplets, which is responsible for its longevity.

By building on and enhancing the printing process, Canon has perfected the inkjet, with pioneering designs that stand the test of time. And it is this innovation, reliability and outstanding performance that make the brand the well-known and much-beloved office staple it is.


Laser printers have long been a mainstay of offices, and Ricoh’s laser printers are market leading – for good reason. The brand has been going since 1936, and they’ve been showing the printer industry how it’s done, since 2004.

Ricoh Imagine Change

As well as benefiting from advanced technology, innovative design and robust manufacture, Ricoh printers deliver superb results, each and every page. Whether you are after a mono laser printer that works well for your office documents and your budget, or a colour laser printer that recreates images and documents of exceptional quality, Ricoh’s range has the printer for you.

Ricoh make ethical practices a priority whilst ensuring that their products work efficiently and effectively, and they excel themselves by turning powdered ink and an image-projecting laser beam into a reliable and spectacular combination for everyday office use.


Naturally, this brand is dear to our hearts. And if you thought the selection of third parties we offer was good, you will love what’s available under our own name. Our newest introduction is a range of compatible print cartridges, to help keep your busy office running smoothly, in a sustainable and cost-efficient way.

Printware Gekko

Not only can you save up to 40% on the cost of brand-name cartridges, but you won’t have to compromise quality and performance to do so. Our compatible toners have been put through rigorous tests and met the strictest of guidelines, guaranteeing their high quality and compliance with all relevant guidelines.

The range boasts both black and white and colour inks, available as either single toners or in bundles, and our compatible cartridges cater for big name brands like HP and Samsung. And don’t worry about your warranty because, on top of our 24-month warranty for the cartridges, you’ll also be pleased to know our cartridges will not void your printer’s warranty.

All in all, a fantastic option for offices of all kinds. And a name you can trust.

So now you’ve gotten to know a little more about our star brands and the exceptional products they offer, why not browse our site and take a look for yourself. Or, you can give us a call to discuss how else our stock of industry-leading, brand name products can benefit your office.

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