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Hot off the Press: 3D Printing Body Parts

From the Printware Blog on Thursday 5th November 2015

While 3D printing never really took off at an office or personal level – simply because of logistics - it takes time, resources and is somewhat expensive to run. It has enriched the medical and science industries the ability to develop innovative new ways of treating and caring for people.

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Since then, we have heard how businesses can print items for sale such as phone cases, how NASA want to print food for astronauts in space and now, scientists are upping the game by developing the world’s first ever 3D Bio-Printer; capable of printing intricate and delicate body parts and organs such as the heart and brain and even arteries.

The Carnegie Mellon University, based in Qatar, first broke headlines when they hacked a 3D Printer to print soft materials at a high resolution, such as collagens and fibrins. They are printed into a protective gel that will melt when it reaches body temperature, ensuring the prints stay highly accurate and beneficial.

Shortly after, a Chinese company called Sichuan Revotek announced they had developed the first ever 3D bio-printer by combining stem-cell bio-ink technology with a 3D bio-printer and cloud computing software. (Source)

Here at Printware, we are more than just a company that sells colour laser printers and printer cartridges, we believe in providing ethical and ecological resources to help run your business. With that in mind, the news of 3D printing body parts has blown our minds!

The notion of printing new body parts and organs is not only an incredibly ground breaking invention, but it is a lifeline in a world where donors are in short supply. Those in need often die whilst waiting for new organs and transplants. This incredible achievement is a step forward into a green future for all, one 3D printer at a time.

You, too, can contribute to the green future we all need by coming to Printware for all your printer, cartridge and office supply needs. Responsible and ethical decisions are the ones that keep the world spinning, and your business going with a reduced carbon footprint to boot. Could you really ask for anymore?

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