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Make your Printer Work for You

From the Printware Blog on Friday 13th November 2015 in Consumer Advice, Resources

The rising cost of printing can be an issue for any business, regardless of industry or profitability. Streamlining your printer usage and management can save your business money, save the environment and save wasted hours spent fixing the printer, again. Here at Printware, we can't think of anything better so without further ado, here are our top tips to ensure the longevity and productivity of your printer.


Keep on top of printer maintenance before a problem occurs by ensuring it is regularly cleaned and in good working order. Ensure the outer of your printer remains clean and free from liquid damage - no drinks near the printer and should an ink cartridge spill, please do clean up thoroughly as a dirty printer can waste your paper resources.

Clean print-heads regularly to avoid having to re-print documents. This can be as easy as a few clicks on a self-clean programme, or you may require your printer manual. Have an appointed person in the office who knows how to resolve any printer issues you may have.

Clean the printer internally - remove a build-up of dust, lint and any wayward pieces of torn paper with a small vacuum or small brush, being careful not to push dust further into your printer.

Patience is a Virtue

When it comes to solving printer issues, it pays to be patient. Ensure staff are able to resolve simple issues in the correct way, or have your appointed person fix the issue at hand. Not following the correct procedure can result in repeated failures and even cost you the printer.

If you have a paper jam, gently loosen the jammed document until it comes free and ensure there are no torn pieces that can be trapped before attempting to print again. You can prevent a paper jam by using clean sheets, that are lined correctly and do not overfill your printer.

Top tip: Do not fan paper before inserting into the printer. This can cause a build-up of static which will only result in more errors and time wasted!

Paper in printer

Close your printer tray when not in use to prevent dust build up.

Green Printing

Keep your printing as green as can be by following these simple steps.

  • Purchase a colour laser printer that uses separate ink cartridges - not all printers use ink at the same speed. Separate printer cartridges will cut down on unnecessary ink wastage and will aid solving ink problems more efficiently
  • General printing in the office can be done in "draft mode" – this uses 50% less ink than normal!
  • Consider using greyscale instead of colour printing, where necessary
  • Utilise the Duplex feature - printing double sided documents can save a whole lot of paper and trees
  • Disable automatic printhead cleaning on start up to save ink
  • Purchasing compatible ink cartridges can save your business a lot of money for the same quality ink


For all your printing needs come to Printware. With a broad range of colour laser printers, paper and ink cartridges available, we are able to meet your business needs with ease.

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