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Office Prank Season

From the Printware Blog on Friday 18th December 2015 in Fun Stuff, News, Consumer Advice

As party season and the Christmas holidays approach, festivities and morale will be at an all-time high. Allowing staff to be creative in the workplace – even when they aren’t concentrating on work is vital if you want to keep the atmosphere buzzing. Office pranks are not just fun, but they’re also team building exercises that cost next to nothing! If your boss is easy going and up for a laugh, you might want to play some of these office pranks on them, too!

Naughty List

Whether your office has cubicles or rows of desks lined up, there is always a way to pull a prank on an unsuspecting co-worker. Printware loves a good office prank, and it is something we may or may not partake in on occasion… ahem, not that we would encourage such behaviour, of course!

However, if this is right up your street, then printware.co.uk compiled a list of the best office pranks around!

  • Inflatable colleague - find a blow-up man or woman to replace your co-worker and dress them up just like them.
  •  Cover the desk - and think big. Cover every available surface in pictures of them, Justin Bieber, the Hoff, or any other applicable in-joke you may have. Don’t forget the mouse!
  • Alternatively, use wrapping paper, bubble wrap, newspaper, cling film or tin foil - include pens and staplers to make life just that little bit funnier
  • Plaster the office with old school photos or ones taken from almost non-existent social media.
  •  Turn the desk into a golf course, complete with par difficulty
  • Take inspiration from TV and submerge office essentials in jelly or inside balloons
  • Fill their cubicle with balloons, balls, plastic cups along with polystyrene beads, too!
  •  Swap keys on the keyboard around. This one takes time but is time well invested
  •  Tape a picture of Nicolas Cage or Rick Astley (or anyone notable in memes) to the inside of your photocopier
  • Cover the desk in post-it notes. You could even create murals or clever pictures with those sticky notes
  • TP their desk - cover all available space and objects with toilet roll
  • Link your colleagues to an important website for that new project - but it’s actually Rick Astley’s - Never Gonna Give You Up. This one is as old as us but just as funny as it ever was
  • Cover ceiling tiles in a disturbing image of someone looking down at your colleagues… oo-er!
  • Trick gullible co-workers with an enormous box of doughnuts… that are actually crudités and dip!
  • Festive décor is always a winner – especially if someone is scared of clowns!
  • Growing cress in your work friends keyboard when they go on holiday is the ultimate desk companion

So, that's the best that we can come up with - and it's pretty good, even if we do say so ourselves. Just don't blame us for the consequences! We're also pretty good at supplying your workplace with supplies, printers and accessories, too - have a browse on our website to see if we can help you get through the working week without any mishaps!

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