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Professional Multi-tasking

From the Printware Blog on Wednesday 20th January 2016 in News, Consumer Advice, Printing Technology

If you’ve ever found yourself saying there’s not enough time in the day to get your work done, then you will understand the plight of technology being underutilised in the workplace. If your office is overrun with printers, photocopiers, fax machines and other pieces of technology that just aren’t being used enough to quantify their need, then maybe it’s time to streamline and replace with a multifunction laser printer.


So, just what is a multifunction laser printer, we hear you ask?

A laser printer is far superior to the inkjet printer in many respects. Firstly, it uses a laser beam to design the page on a drum, the drum then collects electrically charged toner and transfers it the sheet of paper, which is heated to merge the two permanently.

The prints produced are high quality, and laser printers have the capabilities to print in vast quantities before running out of toner. When toner runs out, it doesn't bleed or run as it would in an inkjet printer, and lasts almost five times as long, on average.

Laser printers are two to three times faster at producing prints, too. So, not only do they save money on consumables, but they also save you time – and we all know that time is precious!

Now that the printer part is explained; we can move on. It really is a case of "it does what it says on the tin", in that the printer is multifunctional.

As well as printing, you can use the printer to make photocopies and scan documents to keep a digital copy on file. Many multifunction printers also feature faxing capabilities, so it goes without saying that you can utilise some of these functions simultaneously too, again, saving you time and money.

So, if your office is in the market for a new printer this year, we urge you to forgo the cheap and cheerful options that will end up costing more in consumables than ever before, and go for the cost-effective and efficient long-term investment.

We hope that answers any questions you may have about multi-function laser printers. We have included a few here for your consideration:

HP Color LaserJet Pro M477 - one of the latest models from HP with some advance print features. 

Xerox ColorQube 8900 – a top of the range piece of kit, designed around speed and reliability for your peace of mind.

OKI MC562 - a mid-range multifunction printer that has exceptionally good running costs, and a full range of available functions.

For further information on any of our printer ranges, please do not hesitate to contact us with any queries you may have.

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