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Print Your Valentine

From the Printware Blog on Friday 12th February 2016

With Valentine’s Day round the corner, now might be the time to grab a last minute present. But what if you could print your own present? Last year we read the story about the ‘World’s Sweetest Boyfriend Inspiring a 3D Printing Valentine’s Day Contest’ and how he inspired a company to play the part of cupid. This year Printware want to inspire you with some ideas on gifts you can print.

3D Printed Ideas

Ultimaker have their top 10 Valentine's Day 3D models which range from Winged Heart Cookie Cutter to a Valentine's version of the classic yellow rubber duck. You can purchase an Ultimaker 3D Printer from Printware. Once you have a 3D printer, or you know someone that does, you can download thousands of open source 3D models from youmanage.com. Here are a few of our favourites:

Winged Heart Cookie Cutter

If you have a sweet tooth and like to bake, why not make your own cookie cutter like this one or personalise it even more for an extra special touch. 

Ultimaker Cookie Cutter

Image sourced from ultimaker.com

Valentine's Duck

Turn that classic yellow rubber duck into a Valentine's version with the free download. You can make this print any colour you like depending on what colour plastic you have.

Ultimaker Duck

Image sourced from ultimaker.com

Heart Shaped Box

Store something special in these lovely heart boxes. Just alter the size of the design to suit your needs. Could this replace the classic square box, engagement rings are normally presented in?

Ultimaker Heart Shaped Box

Image sourced from ultimaker.com


2D Printed Ideas

If, like a lot of people at the moment you don’t have a 3D printer you can always print your own Valentine's Day card, and below are a few examples we like here at Printware. Our recommendation is that you use a printer known for its excellent print quality and bright, sharp colours which will be impressive and make the most impact. For advice and recommendations for a printer that suits your budget, or to re-order your ink and toner, feel free to contact us and speak to our experts.

2D Valentine's Ideas

Image sourced from valentineweek-2016.com/printable-valentines-day-cards


CMYK Hearts

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