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Gastronomical 3D Printing

From the Printware Blog on Friday 26th February 2016 in News, Printing Technology

The world of 3D printing is an ever expanding one; it seems that every other day we hear news of another groundbreaking achievement in the 3D realm and the real life benefits of technology across all areas of life.

The latest in a long line of new 3D printing processes that we love here at Printware, comes in the form of the 3D food printer Foodini. The 3D Food Printing industry has come a long way since using food gels and taking hours to create something edible. 

Thanks to the Foodini printer, printing 3D food is now more accessible to industry than ever before.

3D Printed Apple

The World of Fine Dining

When we think of fine dining, we picture Michelin stars, Heston creating edible flavoured steam and delicately dressed plates that look like a piece of abstract art. The art of gastronomy is one that is much loved the world over, and experimenting with flavour combinations and textures is part and parcel of the industry.

It takes chefs in this line of work, many years of dedication to get to the stage where they can produce food to a fine dining standard; involving gruelling shifts of cutting 3mm cubes of espresso jelly, producing paper-thin slices of kohlrabi and delicately piping parsnip foam into precise, delicate shapes.

Food Technology

The Foodini 3D printer is capable of printing a very broad range of foods and was developed specifically to print food.  Recipes and designs can be uploaded to the internet and downloaded to the machine, to produce very intricate and delicate designs that are identical every single time. Not only will this technology save time and manpower, but it also aims to reduce food waste owed to basic human error.

3D printing for food introduces a certain level of precision that would otherwise be unheard of and let’s not forget that it involves all fresh food; which could truly revolutionise the way in which fine dining is created in Michelin-starred kitchens around the world.

While 3D food printers isn’t our forte, we do have a broad range of 3D printers available in our store for customers that are in need of exceptional 3D print quality for their business.

For more information or to enquire about a printer, please contact us on 0333 566 8123.

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