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The Real Start-Up Essentials

From the Printware Blog on Friday 4th March 2016

With research showing that more and more start-ups are succeeding now than ever before, this looks set to be a trend that continues. More start-ups mean more home offices, which means more people looking for start-up essentials. 

Of course, it goes without saying that you need a solid business plan backed up by market research and financial backing to get you going, but when it comes down to it, the essentials you need to make your business work are office based and more vital than you might think.

Here at Printware, we believe that the workplace should be well prepared for all eventualities, so we have put together a few essentials to get you through that tough first year.

Where You’re At

  1. You've planned, researched and found your niche
  2. You've decided on a name, set some clear branding and got yourself a lawyer and accountant
  3. You've determined your sales and marketing strategy, as well as overall business missions and values

Next on your "to do" list is to set up your home office. Many start-ups are sensible with cash, so opting to set up in your spare room is a viable option; even if it’s until you can afford office space elsewhere.

Office Essentials

Covering the Basics

We don’t think we need to tell you that you will require the following, but we’re going to remind you nonetheless.

-  Computer and decent monitor

-  A dedicated phone line

-  A mobile phone

-  High-speed Wi-Fi

-  A clock

-  Comfortable chair and desk

-  A bin

-  All the notebooks, paper, post it notes, folders and pens to see you through a few months’ work

-  Tea and coffee making facilities

So, what’s missing?

Often overlooked, but possibly one of the most important items for any business is an office printer.

We have selected a few of our favourites that we think will be perfect for start-ups.

Top of the Range – Xerox ColorQube 8580

This powerful printer is environmentally friendly and perfect for businesses that are likely to have a high printing output; be it for customers or marketing, the sharp crispness and colour on this office printer cannot be matched!

Middle Ground – Ricoh C252SF

This printer blends quality colour prints, reliability and low running costs with fast print speeds to create the perfect addition to any dynamic work environment. 

Hit the Ground Running – HP Officejet Pro 6230

This versatile and cheap-to-run office printer retains high quality even at this low price. With duplicate capabilities, you can print in mono or colour; ensuring you don't waste paper or ink in the process.

With the right printer by your side, your start-up project will be a lot less stressful, your documents will be professional and you can focus on the millions of other things on your "to do" list; rather than sorting out unnecessary technical difficulties.


For more information on any of our office printers, please browse our full range on the website, or contact our customer service team with any queries. 

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