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Printware Goes Mobile!

From the Printware Blog on Friday 8th April 2016 in Consumer Advice, Resources, New Products, News,

Mobile communication has become one of the most important factors of our daily routine, whether this be within our business or personal lives. We are incredibly excited to announce that Printware have teamed with Samsung to bring you the latest in mobile technology 

Printware goes mobile!

With best in class security, enterprise solutions, support and product ecosystem, Samsung phones bridge the needs of the workplace and the realities of our increasingly connected world.  

The long battery lives and cloud business apps (Microsoft Office, Google Apps for Business) on Samsung phones means you can take your work wherever it takes you, and easily switch from phone to tablet to laptop whenever you need to. Powerful mobile security ensures that your business documents are safe and secure, and specialised technical support means there will be someone to help and answer your questions no matter what happens. 

All our phones come unlocked, so you are able to choose a "sim only" contract from your preferred network provider. For businesses looking to update their fleet, Printware are also able to offer leasing options (subject to terms and conditions)

Printware goes mobile!

Our Samsung experience centre at Printware is almost ready to visit. Within the next few months you'll be able to come and see for yourselves how all of the latest technologies can work together to create a more interactive classroom, a more efficient office environment and experience how mobile and office technologies can be integrated seamlessly, and information exchanged between devices quickly, securely and whenever required. Watch this space!

For more information on this or any questions relating to mobile phones, speak to one of our helpful team on 0333 566 8123

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