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You Won't Believe it Was Printed

From the Printware Blog on Tuesday 22nd March 2016

The world of 3D printing was so foreign and futuristic when the idea first took hold that many people were of the belief that it was the technology of the future. However, the future arrived a lot earlier than many expected - if we gauge it on how successful the 3D printing industry has become, and the scope of what possibilities could yet be achieved, too.

Here at Printware, we love anything that develops and advances our industry, especially when it benefits everyone around us. While 3D printing has indeed been the reason behind many advances in science and medicine, and even space exploration, there are plenty of other simple everyday reasons why we should applaud the 3D printer! Let’s take a look...

 The Useful

3D Printed Spanner3D printers are able to print tools, such as hammers and wrenches; made entirely from plastic and to any specification you may have. This means if you need a tiny wrench, you've got one. If you need a lightweight hammer with all the strength of the original, you've got one.

Hospitals with the right technology can now create 3D models of pregnancy scans, allowing soon-to-be parents the opportunity to see their baby long before he or she is born. This is a great way for parents who may have vision impairment to envisage what their offspring will look like.


The Weird

3D Printed Ear3D printers have been responsible for models of Van Gogh's ear, lawn mowers, a five storey building and even a printed car - the Strati. You can even buy 3D printed bikinis and other clothing garments.

There has even been an acoustic guitar printed, using the latest technology!


The Wonderful

It may sound like a lot of far-fetched items that aren't really usable in everyday life, but you would be wrong. 3D printing is also capable of creating patterned coasters, phone cases, wine racks, tablet stands and so much more. 

These new 3D printing techniques are indeed futuristic, but they're also more accessible than ever, meaning that the time is now. We are living in the future that seemed so far away, so embrace it and get involved.

Whether you are interested in acquiring a revolutionary device for yourself or your office, you can't go wrong with Printware by your side. Our 3D Printer range is ready to go, so why wait any longer?

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